One Stop Shop: weekly video recap – Team Alpha Male


This week we have the silver anniversary of a fight culture video game phenomenon, a martial arts legend and a messy train wreck with an MMA twist.

Now lets start off this recap with a BANG!

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One Stop Shop: weekly video recap – Team Alpha Male


It’s an undeniable fact that Duane “Bang” Ludwig has had raised the level of all fighters he has coached at Team Alpha Male, so all this attention he’s been getting is more than well deserved.  Here are some of the videos he’s been in this week.

BANG’s spotlight on UFC Insider about his impact at Team Alpha Male. (posted by UFC)

BANG and TJ Dillashaw were guests on the POWERFUL Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.  This is a pretty cool exchange as Duane is an avid JRE follower and talks about what he has learned from listening to the podcast.  Heads up that it’s a long one, as most of the JRE podcasts are 3 hours long. (posted by GuyGirlGaming)

BANG technique of the week featuring Joe Rogan.  Right before they did the podcast Joe had a chance to show the Bang Muay Thai followers how to do his vicious spinning side kick. (posted by BANGMuayThai)

The iconic…

Street Fighter 2 is the single most iconic fighting game in history, and this past week they celebrated its 25th anniversary.  The premise of the game is very reminiscent of the early days of mixed martial arts.  Find the best fighters of different styles from all around the world, and put them in a tournament to find out who is the best.  The video is very geekish, but if you are even a little SF2 fan, you will appreciate this video.  (Posted by Street Fighter)

Bruce Lee highlight video.  Press play.  Enjoy. (posted by Bruce Lee)

The visually striking…

Since the UFC has been in partnership with FOX, they have had access to some pretty sweet cameras.  One of which is the phantom cam.  Originally it was used to take epic slow-motion footage of NFL games.  In MMA, it slows down the fight to the point you can see the transfer of power from a punch rippling through its target.  Here are some of the best phantom cam shots of UFC 164. (posted by UFC)

The funny…

No one could get away from the Miley Cyrus train wreck.  At least this time it was twisted by a MMA minded video hacker.  thank you for posting! (posted by FreeFights4You)

Pat Barry is getting CHICKEN STRONG. (posted by hypeordie)

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