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Battlefield Fight League 25: live play-by-play



Richmond, BC – MMASucka is live and on scene at the River Rock Casino for Battlefield Fight League 25.

In the main event, Tristar fighter Gary Mangat will look to keep his pro record unblemished as he takes on American Josh Gow. A middleweight bout will serve as the evenings co-main event as Micah Brakefield takes on Jake Asher.

Battlefield Fight League 25: live play-by-play

Other bouts to look forward to are Joe Pirrotta vs. Radley Da Silva who are both making their professional debuts and Oren Hanscomb vs. Andre Silva for the vacant BFL featherweight title.

We will begin live play-by-play with round-by-round coverage at approximately 7pm PT/10pm ET, so keep it locked to MMASucka.com.

135lbs – Bradley Nicholson vs. Kevin Kellerman

Round 1 – The two men touched gloves and started banging. Nicholson landed a big shot that dropped Kellerman. He instantly landed a takedown and ended up in Nicholson’s open guard. Kellerman looked to pass the guard and landed a big shot to the head. The round ended with Kellerman in Nicholson’s closed guard.

Round 2 – A big punch landed by Nicholson to start the round. When Kellerman attempted the takedown Nicholson locked in a triangle. Kellerman got out and wound up on top in side control looking to attempt a Von Flue choke.

Round 3 – Kellerman landed a takedown to start the round and ended up in side control. The referee stood the fighters up with just over one minute left. Kellerman pushed Nicholson up against the cage. A takedown by Kellerman ended the round.

Bradley Nicholson def. Kevin Kellerman via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

155lbs – David Moon vs. Christian Allart

Round 1 – A couple jabs from Allart start the round. When Moon felt the pressure he clinched and Allart was able to push him up against the cage. Moon landed some nice knees to the body. Allart landed a kick to the body but fell on his back, Moon came in but Allart ended up on top. Allart postured up and landed some clean blows to the head to finish the round.

Round 2 – Two kicks to the body landed by Moon to start the round. Allart then landed a takedown. However Moon cinched in a loose triangle choke. A few seconds later tightened it up and forced Allart to tap.

David Moon def. Christian Allart via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:16 of Round 2

196lbs catchweight – Curtis Harriot vs. Van Allard

Round 1 – Harriot landed a big leg kick and grabbed the Thai plum. He landed a vicious knee to the body which crumbled Allard to finish the fight.

Curtis Harriot def. Van Allard via TKO (Knee to the body) at 0:45 of Round 1

185lbs – Jer Kornelsen vs. Kiarash Moghadam

Round 1 – Kornelsen immediately clinches and pushed Moghadam against the cage. The two separate and Moghadam landed some nice punches and kicks. Kornelsen landed a great punch followed by a takedown. When they returned to the feet Moghadam looked for a takedown. Kornelsen was able to get the takedown and wound up in half guard. Kornelsen landed some nasty ground and pound to force the referee to step in and call the fight.

Jer Kornelsen def Kiarash Moghadam via TKO (Punches) at 2:50 of Round 1

145lbs – Oren Hanscomb vs. Andre Da Silva – For vacant amateur featherweight title

Round 1 – A quick flurry followed by a clinch up started the round and Silva controlled against the cage. Hanscomb grabbed a leg and was able to get the takedown. When the two stood up, Hanscomb grabbed a double leg, picked him up and put him on his back. The two traded some low knees but kept fighting. A failed takedown attempt by Silva finished the round.

Round 2 – Hanscomb landed a big right hook that stunned Silva, but he was able to land a takedown. On an attempted guillotine from half guard, Silva was able to posture up and land some big punches. Hanscomb got to his feet, clinched and put Silva down with a big double leg. The two stood up and Silva landed a big punch. Took Hanscomb down to the mat and Silva grabbed a guillotine. Hanscomb landed a takedown, took mount finished with punches and then looked for the armbar to finish the round.

Round 3 – Another big flurry by both men to start the round. The two clinch against the cage and Silva got a big takedown to end up in side control. Again the two got up and this time Hanscomb gets a takedown in to half guard. Silva pushes off and gets back to the feet. The two swing for the fences and then clinch. Hanscomb dropped to his knees for a takedown to finish the third.

Round 4 – Silva threw a missed high kick to start the championship round. Hanscomb clinched and attempted a double leg. Silva was able to take control of the position and then the two split. The two gassed fighters put everything behind their punches until Silva attempted a takedown. Silva was able to land a well timed double leg takedown to finish the round.

Round 5 – The two touch gloves to start the final frame and Silva attempted a jumping side kick. Hanscomb then looked for a double leg takedown, and on a single attempt Silva stepped over to take the position. The referee broke the fighters after a lull in action and Hanscomb attempted another takedown into a clinch. Silva reversed the position and looked for a takedown to finish the frame.

Andre Da Silva def. Oren Hanscomb via unanimous decision (49-46,49-47,48-47)

138lbs catchweight – Joe Pirrotta vs. Radley Da Silva

Round 1 – A takedown attempt by Pirotta began the round, but Silva was able to get the fight to the mat and end up in half guard. Pirotta got the butterfly guard, but Silva was able to posture up and land some strike. Silva attempted a tight guillotine which Pirotta spun out of but he took the back and attempted a rear naked choke. The two got back to their feet and Pirotta pushed the fight to the cage. Pirotta landed a big takedown, but Silva got back up. Pirotta hand the back and dropped down for a heel hook. Silva wound up on Pirotta back and looked for a rear naked choke. When Pirotta got out Silva bombed down a big elbow and then looked for a guillotine to end the round.

Round 2 -The two traded kicks to start the round and Pirotta picked up a big double leg. Pirotta was in Silva’s closed guard and Silva was able to get back to the feet and clinch up. From a headlock position Silva was able to throw Pirotta down and end up in half guard. As silva was looking to back out of the guard, Pirotta threw up an attempted triangle. The two ended up back on their feet and clinching. Silva opened up with big elbows and a knee from the clinch to end the second.

Round 3 – Silva started the round with a flurry of kicks, punches, elbows and knees. When Pirotta looked for the takedown, Silva reversed and wound up on top. Silva stood up and let Pirotta back to the feet. Silva began landing his jab at will and then Pirotta locked up against the cage. Pirotta attempted numerous takedowns, but Silva was able to ride them from cage to cage. With just over one minute left Silva wound up on top throwing down punches. Pirotta got up and looked for a takedown against the cage. And that was all she wrote.

Radley Da Silva def. Joe Pirotta via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

180lbs catchweight – Mark Dobie vs. Jonathan Dubois

Round 1 – Dubois threw caution to the wind with punches and kicks. A poke in the eye by Dobie forced the ref to pause the action. The doctor came in and said he could continue. The two landed some big punches and then clinched. Dobie looked to lock in a guillotine and when Dubois backed out Dobie landed big punches and knees. Another missed attempted guillotine followed by big punches forced the referee jump in and call a stop to action.

Mark Dobie def. Jonathan Dubois via TKO (Punches) at 2:18 of round 1

185lbs – Micah Brakefield vs. Jake Asher

Round 1 – Brakefield attempted a takedown to start and Asher attempted a guillotine. Brakefield landed back to back takedowns. Brakefield wound up in mount looking for numerous submissions. A tight armbar was locked in and Asher rolled out. Brakefield locked up a deep triangle and rained down elbows to force Asher to tap.

Micah Brakefield def. Jake Asher via submission (triangle choke) at 2:51 of round 1

135lbs – Gary Mangat vs. Josh Gow

Round 1 – An attempted kick by Gow made him fall and threw a few punches before he got up. Mangat landed a huge double leg takedown and stood up out of the guard to throw big punches and elbows. Mangat landed some great counter punches, but then landed a low kick on Gow which paused the action. Mangat threw a couple counter strikes and Gow landed a takedown. Mangat was able to wall walk and Gow landed some big punches to stun him. Gary landed a solid knee and then got a takedown. Mangat finished the round in side control.

Round 2 – A couple inside leg kicks by Mangat started the round, he then landed a big takedown. Mangat was able to move to half guard after a few elbows to the face. The two stood back up after a scramble and Mangat took the fight back to the ground. Gow was able to drag Mangat to the mat and when the two stood up Gow had Mangat’s back. Gow landed some huge punches and Mangat was able to pick up the takedown. When they got up, Gow land a few more big right hooks. The round finished with Mangat turtled and Gow riding his back.

Round 3 – Mangat started the third with a giant goose egg on his forehead. He was able to get a takedown about a minute in. Gow got back to the feet, threw some punches and Mangat took him down. Gow was able to land some well placed upkicks when Mangat stepped out of his guard. To avoid the kicks, Mangat dropped back down in to half guard. Gow got back to the feet and clinched against the cage and threw vicious elbows. Mangat took the fight to the mat, when Gow got up he chased Mangat around the cage landing punches and elbows. After being bloodied up referee Kevin Dornan called a stop to the fight. The crowd began to boo, as the fight was stopped a tad early.

Josh Gow def. Gary Mangat via TKO (Referee Stoppage) at 4:30 of Round 3

(Photo by http://www.HassanBehgoueiPhotography.com/)

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