Alexander Gustafsson still has Jon Jones on his mind


“It’s all in the mind.” ― George Harrison

It has been just over two weeks since Alexander Gustafsson came ever so close to becoming the new UFC light heavyweight champion. However the judges saw the fight in favor of Jon Jones and subsequently, he walked away with the belt still around his waist.

Alexander Gustafsson still has Jon Jones on his mind

With a fight being as close as this one was, many thought the UFC would put together an automatic rematch – that wasn’t the case. Jones will now put his light heavyweight gold on the line against current number one contender Glover Teixeira some time in 2014, which means Gustafsson has to sit around and wait for another challenger.

“The Mauler” doesn’t care who that person is, as the only thing that is on his mind at the moment is still the champ – Jon Jones.

In my mind right now it is Jon Jones, he is the only opponent I am thinking about. I don’t have anyone else I really want to fight but Jon Jones at the moment. I will just wait and see what the UFC say and I will take whatever opponent they give me.

After the UFC 165 main event, UFC President Dana White mentioned that the rematch between the two would ‘likely’ take place. Unfortunately for Gustafsson it hasn’t, but White has since stated that with a victory the Swede would ‘100-percent’ fight Jones next.

Of course Im disappointed. I wanted an immediate rematch but it is what it is. He can fight whoever he wants for however long he wants. I will always be waiting for him. I will fight whoever the UFC give me and after that  I want another shot at the title. We will have to see what happens (with our fights).

A short time after all had simmered from the rematch talk, another big story about Gustafsson broke. According to a report, he was apparently parting ways with his long-time camp – Alliance MMA. This wasn’t completely true, as the 26-year old spends 95% of his time training with All Stars Gym in Stockholm and will continue to do so. However he will still have Alliance MMA head coach Eric Del Fiero in his corner for his upcoming bouts.

(Those rumors) are totally wrong, not right at all. I never left Alliance. The thing is that people don’t understand that I am based in Sweden. I live in Sweden. I am training out of All Stars Gym in Stockholm and I am here 95% of the time. I do go and have camps in Alliance, usually for a week or so. I am very close to the team and I am still with Alliance. We have a great relationship. There is also a great relationship between All Star in Stockholm and Alliance in San Diego. I have everyday communication with Alliance Head Coach, Eric Del Fiero. They are always in my corner so no I have not left. What I meant in that interview was that I will probably do my next camp in Sweden because I probably will be fighting in Sweden. BUt I have no opponent for that yet.

One name that has come up in the mix in the light heavyweight division is Gustafsson’s Alliance training partner, Phil Davis. Davis is currently riding a 12-1 1NC record with a victory over Gustafsson back in 2010 prior to them becoming training partners. We last saw Davis in the Octagon at UFC 163 against Lyoto Machida where he took home a controversial decision. In order for Davis to make that next step in the division he will have to fight a top-ranked light heavyweight, but will that be Gustafsson?

No, I will not fight Phil Davis, he is my friend and team mate. So I will not fight him. But if it is for a belt and he wants to fight for the belt we talk about that question then.

It doesn’t matter what you ask “The Mauler” these days, as he only has one goal in his sights.

I want the belt. That is the goal, that is my big goal so it doesn’t matter who wins. I would prefer to fight Jon Jones again though.


You can hear the entire interview with Alexander Gustafsson on this week’s episode of ‘Sucka Radio’ which airs live on, as well as HERE.

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