ONE FC 11: Total Domination Preliminary Report

ONE Fighting Championship stages its eleventh installment tonight at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, with a headlining Bantamweight title unification bout that’ll see reigning champ Soo Chul Kim locking horns with interim champ Bibiano Fernandes. In the co-main event, Shinya Aoki drops to Featherweight for the first time in his career as he welcomes Tiger Muay Thai’s Cody Stevens to the ONE FC banner.

With both bouts set to steal the spotlight, the audience, however, will be looking forward to three bouts that will be taking place in the prelims. A trio of Singaporeans are set to feature in “Malaysia vs. Singapore” match-ups, that are sure to have fans on the edge of their seats.

ONE FC 11: Total Domination Preliminary Report

Bantamweights Stephen Langdown and Marc Marcellinus will start off proceedings, with Lightweights Juan Wen Jie vs. Alex Lim to follow suit soon after. The only women’s bout of the evening between Sherilyn Lim and Ann Osman will then bring the prelims to a close. is set to bring you updates, results, and play-by-play of all the action taking place on the preliminary card, below:

ONE FC 11: Total Domination Prelims (YouTube, 7pm local time)

Bout 1/Bantamweights: Marc Marcellinus (0-0) vs. Stephen Langdown (0-0)

ReportLangdown clearly the taller guy, looking to utilize his reach. Few kicks landed by Marcellinus in the opening stages. Langdown bides his time in landing a shot, and when he does, he catches his opponent clean on the private area. Marcellinus recovers after a while, and the bout resumes. Both fighters with Muay Thai stances. Only kicks landed by both men thus far. The Singaporean then moves forward, lands a knee, and finishes Marcellinus on the canvas with hammerfists. The crowd, elated, cheers their hometown fighter on.

Result: Stephen Langdown def.  Marc Marcellinus via TKO (Punches) at 1:49 of Round 1


Bout 2/LightweightsAlex Lim (1-2) vs. Juan Wen Jie (2-0)

Report: Lim starts off with a punch kick combination, and Jie hits back with a kick to the nuts. Fight stops momentarily, then resumes, Jie seems to be using his reach well, keeping his opponent away. They clinch, and JIe lands some heavy knees. Lots of success in the clinch for Jie here. Lim trying his best to land punches by moving in. The Malaysian then signals Jie to hit him, probably feeling that his opponent was landing any substantial damage on him. Very nice knees landed by Jie in the bout thus far. As the fight progresses, Lim lands a knee and elbow in the clinch. The last round sees Jie landing strikes along with knees once more, as Lim starts bleeding badly. Both guys look to be enjoying themselves.

Second round starts, and with Alex landing kicks. Jie, however, counters with a nice left hook, and capitalizes on some ground-and-pound as Lim falls to the ground. Referee intervenes and stops the fight.

ResultJuan Wen Jie def. Alex Lim via TKO (Left Hook & Punches) at 0:18 of Round 2


Bout 3/StrawweightsAnn Osman (0-0) vs. Sherilyn Lim (0-0)

Report: Sherilyn immediately goes for a takedown, but Osman reverses and ends up on top in half guard, soon making way to full guard. They both get back to their feet, and Osman pushes Lim up against the cage. Once again, Lim looks for a takedown, but fails. Great defense by shown by Osman. Lots of cage fighting thus far. Both exchange knees, and the fight continues with both landing knees up against the cage. Sherilyn lands multiple knees in the last minute or so, that looked to have her opponent hurt. But Osman rallies on, as they both end the round near the cage.

Round 2 starts the same with Sherilyn pushing forward, and lots of cage fighting. Sherilyn, though, is having lots of success with knees. Osman lands a takedown, finds herself in full guard, and starts landing elbows and punches. Osman ensures that their position is up against the cage, making it difficult for Lim to move and improve position. Referee, though, stands both fighters up after a while. Osman then tries to take Lim down, but Lim defends well, and ends up with side control. She ends the round by landing multiple elbows to face of Osman.

Lim shoots for a double and is successful, but loses position and Osman finds herself in full mount. The Malaysian lands punches, but Lim reverses position finding herself in full guard. She lands some punches of her own, with Osman looking visibly tired and fatigued. In a good turn of events, Osman reverses and she finds herself in full mount for the second time. She works with some elbows and Sherilyn almost gave up her back for a moment. Osman continues with elbows, but the referee stands both fighters back up. Lim and Osman end the fight in basically a brawl of some sort.

ResultSherilyn Lim def. Ann Osman via Split Decision


With that, we’re now off to the main card, which is set to air on Star Sports. Global fans can witness all the action at for a price of USD $9.99! Follow throughout the night at the following link, as we provide you with real-time results and more.


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