Media POV: How did they score the St-Pierre vs. Hendricks fight?


It didn’t take long for people to erupt following Georges St-Pierre’s split decision victory at UFC 167 against Johny Hendricks in the main event. Twitter, Facebook and even UFC President Dana White at the post-fight press conference let their feelings be known.

Media POV: How did they score the St-Pierre vs. Hendricks fight?

Two judges scored the bout in favor of St-Pierre (48-47), while the other lone judge scored it in favor of Hendricks (48-47). It was clear that Hendricks won rounds two and four, with St-Pierre winning rounds three and five. The one round that came in to question was the first and it was so close that I had to re-watch it to give my opinion.

But you don’t want to hear my opinion – when a fight is as close as this one was, I like to get the media’s perspective on the bout.

Check out the way some members of the media scored the bout below.

Ian Bain (MMA Opinion) – Scored it for Hendricks. He took round 1,2 and 4 in my opinion. First round was close but Hendricks ended the round stronger taking it on my cards. He hurt GSP in the second, and outworked him in the 4th. The whole judging system needs looking at as they are affecting potential fighters’ livelihood and career opportunities.

Damon Martin (FOX Sports) – Johny Hendricks 48-47 winning rounds 1,2, and 4. Controlled those rounds and consistently landed, causing more damage over the curse of his winning rounds.

Rick Lee (MMA Junkie) – 1,2,4 for Johny

Bryan Levick (Alchemist Radio) – Hendricks 3-2. I thought he controlled the pace & used his wrestling to confuse GSP. I think this is one of the worst decisions ever.

Zeus King (MMA Opinion) – I have only watched it live as is happened and I thought that GSP was behind after the third and never caught up. The round that Hendricks wobbled him more than once, I thought was a possible 10-8. I felt as the fifth round ended, that GSP hadn’t done enough to win. I thought Hendricks had done more damage and overall won the majority of the fight. I was pretty shocked when GSP got the split decision.

Adam Martin (MMA Oddsbreaker) – 48-47 Johny Hendricks. I gave him rounds 1, 2, and 4. I thought they were all clear for Hendricks because he was the more effective striker/grappler in all three of those rounds, and I think the split decision win for GSP will go down as one of the worst of all time because the stakes were so high.

John Morgan (MMA Junkie) – I scored the fight 48-47 for Johny Hendricks, giving him rounds one, two and four. That said, I honestly debated my score in the first at the time, and I look forward to going back and watching it again to check my own score. With that said, I know public opinion was that this result was a robbery, but it seems almost all the major media sources believe Georges St-Pierre won rounds three and five, with Hendricks taking rounds two and four. That means it all comes down to a very close opening frame. And if that’s the case, I don’t think you can call the result a robbery, even with the vast difference in damage incurred between the two. I’m already salivating for the rematch, and I hope St-Pierre can overcome whatever it is that’s troubling him in his personal life.

Erik Fontanez (MMA Weekly) – I scored it for Hendricks 48-47. Round 1 was debatable, but I felt Hendricks landed enough significant strikes to earn him the round, and I gave him rounds 1,2 and 4. GSP got beaten to a pulp.

John Ramdeen (Fight Network) – I scored the fight for St. Pierre. I was very objective and I believe that under the 10 point must system St. Pierre took three of the rounds.

Carlin Bardsley (In the Cage with Bards) – Just re-watched. Agree with the judges, 1,3,5 for GSP. Not even the worst decision this year. Just as close as Jones-Gus or Chandler-Alvarez. Davis-Machida was a WAY worse decision. Hendricks wins under Pride or Diaz rules, but not the Unified rules.

Randi Lötschberg (MMA Xposed) – I scored the fight 3-2 in favor of Hendricks. I agree it was a very close fight but I think Hendricks landed more significantly damaging shots one of which really rocked GSP. They should change significant strikes to accurate strikes: weak punches are nothing more then slaps in the face accurately and point on. Hendricks Smashed!! The sport needs to get away from the mentality of thinking “But was it enough for the belt?” BS or “don’t leave it up to the judges” BS. We have rounds, scoring and judges for a reason and it needs to be more consistant. If this wasn’t a title fight I feel the judges wouldn’t have swayed their decision in favor of GSP based on that very old school mentality. A man can win by fractions of a second in a race to be fastest man in the world, should that go unrecognized because it was only a fraction of a second and not a win by a landslide ? No WAY a win is a win close or not. With this way of thinking we should also question ” Was it enough to keep the belt?”

Ariel Shnerer (Fight Network) – At the time of the decision, I had Johny narrowly edging the fight 3-2. However, after rewatching the entirety of the fight twice, I can confidently say the first and deciding round could have gone either way. As such, I think G.S.P. deserved to retain his title, despite absorption significantly more punishment.

Keith Grienke (Top MMA News) – GSP 1,3,5 Hendricks 2,4. Close decision, but should not be a controversial decision. I have no problem with anyone saying Hendricks won the first as that was the deciding round.

Bear Frazer (Fight! Magazine) – I scored Hendricks as the winner, taking rounds 1, 2, and 4. I believe he won those three rounds, but still isn’t an excuse to have played it more safely in the end.

Brian Hemminger (MMA Oddsbreaker) – I scored it 48-47 for Hendricks, but I’m not quite as full of outrage as everyone else. I thoughts rounds 2 and 4 were clear Hendricks rounds with rounds 3 and 5 clear for GSP. The first I gave to Hendricks but I thought round 1 was the closest round of the fight where GSP landed some good shots, had a brief takedown while Hendricks backed him up with his power and scored those big elbows along the fence. I knew it would be a close decision, and while I scored it for Hendricks, i don’t think it was a huge robbery.

Anton Skoro (BJPENN.COM’s FIST-ta-CUFF Radio) – Super close fight. I could see it going either way. I think GSP wins round 3 & 5. 2 & 4 I had for Johnny. The first round they both had takedowns, GSP had the submission that I would consider threatning (And some people are even saying he tapped (not my words)). GSP had the clean headkicks and landed a few nice shots. Hendricks landed some nice shots and the numerous knees to the inner thigh and the horizontal elbows defending the single…. I need to rewatch the fight a few times more… At this point it falls to the fact that you gotta beat the champ to be the champ. Regardless what I think, I think Hendricks wins the rematch unless GSP gets that fire back, which I don’t know if he will. I had it for GSP.

James Lynch (TSN) – Scores rounds 1,2,4 for Hendricks. Landed better shots, was in control for more of the rounds. Did more to finish the fight as well. They say you need to beat the champ to be the champ, I thought Hendricks did.

Mike Bohn (MMA Junkie) – I had it 48-47 Hendricks, gave him the 1st, 2nd and 4th rounds.

Charles Rock (MMA Canada) – I got Hendricks by split decision. It was a close fight though because GSP looked fresh in the 2nd and 3rd rounds but the punishment he took should have some merit in the judges decision.


Media in favor of St-Pierre: 4

Media in favor of Hendricks: 14

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