MMASucka Product Review: Magnum Rocket Science

“Your focus determines your reality” – Leo Babauta

Have you ever felt the need for a boost? Well Magnum Nutraceuticals has you covered with their latest product – ‘Rocket Science.’

Rocket Science will not only give you the energy you need for your daily workout, but it will keep you focused for your entire day as well. I took the recommended dosage (3 capsules) first thing in the morning prior to my workout and felt an immediate difference. I began to notice it even more when I picked up some dumbbells at the beginning of my workout. It wasn’t necessarily that I could lift more – but I didn’t want to stop. The focus and longevity of the workout was much different than any other pre-workout supplement I had taken before.

MMASucka Product Review: Magnum Rocket Science

MMASucka Product Review: Magnum Rocket Science

Many will wonder what it is inside Rocket Science that gives you the focus and drive – well the prime ingredient is caffeine. However if you are not a fan of caffeine or have negative reactions to it, then think again. Rocket Science utilizes Dicaffeine Malate, which according to the folks at Magnum has all the benefits of caffeine, but a lot easier on your stomach.


As I said earlier, it’s not just inside the gym that you will feel this product. Your mood and memory will feel improvements and you will feel like you can go on for days with any activity you do. Needless to say, you should not take this product in the evening. Magnum recommends that you “take this product for workouts that start before 2pm in the afternoon since it can and will cause you to continue thinking and creating for hours.”

All in all I would highly suggest the latest product from Magnum.

PRICE – 10/10
Price – $32.99

To get your hands on Magnum’s Rocket Science click HERE.


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