Tarec Saffiedine brutalizes Hyun Gyu Lim with leg kicks en route to Unanimous Decision victory


The first round was all about the striking exchanges. Both fighters landed their fair share of punches, kicks and knees but it was Lim who seemed to be pushing the pace more. Saffiedine was changing his stances a little too and was perhaps, trying to gauge a rhythm.

Lim also scored two knockdowns but was unable to capitalize with ground-and-pound.

Tarec Saffiedine brutalizes Hyun Gyu Lim with leg kicks en route to Unanimous Decision victory

In the second stanza, Saffiedine showcased his Boxing prowess as he slipped the multiple punches that were thrown by Lim. The Belgian wobbled his South Korean counterpart with his right hand a couple of times too, but Lim fought right through them and continued to persevere. It was an excellent striking battle between both fighters.

After rocking Lim twice in the opening stages of the third stanza, Saffiedine completed the first takedown of the bout. Lim had a brief heel-hook attempt but that was shrugged off by Saffiedine. The striking exchanges then continued and Lim was forced to drop onto the canvas, unable to take anymore of Saffiedine’s leg kicks. The Belgian pounced on Lim in top control, and started working some ground-and-pound. As they got back to their feet, Saffiedine continued his leg kicks and this time, Lim was in pain. Luckily for him though, the bell came at the right time. His cornermen had to literally carry him back to the chair.

Saffiedine absolutely dismantled Lim in the fourth round, brutalizing his opponent with more leg kicks and strikes. Lim looks tired and fatigued, starting the round by swinging a barrage of punches. The Belgian managed to land a flying knee that had Lim crashing down onto the canvas, but to the surprise of many, he spent the remainder of the round in top position and control instead of pouncing for a stoppage.

Lim came out aggressive in the last round, though, despite being downed by Saffiedine’s leg kicks once again. The South Korean had Saffiedine in heaps of trouble towards the end of the fight, where in the last ten seconds or so, he battered the Belgian with strikes in hopes of making a last minute finish. But time was against his side and the decision went against him in the end.

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