“The Fighters” Will Keep You Watching

Discovery ChannelBoston, Massachusetts.

A hotbed for boxers that has caught the eye of UFC President Dana White and his counterpart in television, producer Craig Piligian. The ultimate goal was to have a reality show developed around the fighters and gyms and tonight their goal has been met with The Fighters. The show is based on Boston born fighters who are coming through the ranks and all they have left is for the love of the sport.

“The Fighters” Will Keep You Watching

Last night in Chicago, the UFC hosted a special screening of the Discovery show and it was very enlightening. To see what these individuals have gone through and how their struggles are taking over their lives and seeing the only opportunity they have left is boxing. The last hope for them to succeed in life is in the ring and if they don’t have that, they have nothing.

Watching legendary trainer Peter Welch bring coaches from every local gym in South Boston and try to put together a card to keep boxing alive in the city was extraordinaire. Welch, who has been friends with Dana White for many years, has really shown why Boston was at one time, the boxing capital of the United States.

Welch explained that the interest in boxing has gone down the last few years and this show tries to bring back that passion and fire that existed ten years ago. Right now the fork in the road exists, but he has been trying everything in his power to get the sport of boxing back into the spotlight.

If you want to compare The Fighters to The Ultimate Fighter, it isn’t feasible. With this show, it’s more character developed and you see the true stories of what these kids and young adults go through each and every day. Watching the episode and the production, it has this different feel of being a normal reality show.  With many, you get the feeling that certain aspects are staged, but White and Piligian really took a step back and let things play out.

I’m not going to go through the first episode and ruin it for everyone that is looking forward to the show. However, if you are a fan of MMA you were once a fan of boxing. Whatever the case, watching this show will really make you feel for the fighters and makes you wonder what happens to them after their bout. Do they go back to their old ways or do they continue their ultimate goal of becoming a professional boxer?

The difference between boxers and MMA fighters this is all they have left. The development that took 2 years for this show to come into fruition, was well worth the wait. Seeing the everyday events occur, makes you feel like you have known these fighters and are rooting for them to succeed.

The Fighters is a show that will keep you wanting to keep watching because you are intrigued on what the next story is on the next kid from Boston. Discovery has made a smart decision in picking up this show and hopefully it continues after one season.

Boxing was a big part of White’s life and now in turn giving back to those kids who are struggling to find a path for their lives.


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