Pat Barry: A Different Personality

(Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
(Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

The man that hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, Pat Barry always carried a smile on his face. Yesterday, he took a life changing course when he decided he was retiring from MMA. I’m sure that decision was what he believes is best for himself and his family.

Pat Barry: A Different Personality

Talking with Barry over the years he was never a man lost for words. When you get the assignment of interviewing ‘HD’ you get excited, because you know he will not give you the standard responses. Very few MMA fighters carry the personality of Barry, because he still acts like he’s sixteen. Being sixteen isn’t an insult and Barry carried himself as a professional when needed to be, but overall he is a guy that will do anything for anyone and loved making people laugh.

I had the pleasure of talking with him numerous times and even after his knockout loss against Chieck Kongo he was still keeping the same upbeat personality. Yes, Barry was a fighter and went through rigorous fight camps and did the same thing every other fighter has done before him. However, he took things in stride and always asked people their names and wanted to get to know them on a personal level, even though his job was a lot harder and different than most.

Many have seen egos of individuals increase at the same time their popularity rose, but with Barry he never let things get the best of him. He was one of the best fighters that took social media to the next level for the UFC. Barry was always tweeting out things, chatting with fans and haters on Facebook, and filming karaoke sessions with fellow fighters. Many think that what he does is just an act and just looking for attention, but he just took things and turned them into something fun and exciting.

Barry is a unique person because he still loves being a kid and having fun every day of his life. Just the fact that he is an MMA fighter, it overshadowed him as he should be somebody different. There is a notion that a fighter has to act a certain way or talk to only certain people. He definitely turned those notions into something that is his and what made him happy to be doing what he did everyday.

Yes, he was an average fighter according to his record in the UFC (5-7) but he never let people convince him to do anything. He was hounded by many to drop to Light Heavyweight and try his luck there, but he always stood strong to his word and stuck as a Heavyweight. He enjoyed challenges and fighting in the Heavyweight Division was something that made him work that much harder to achieve goals.

Retiring is something that had to weigh heavily on him and his family because MMA is something that he has been a part of for many years and it’s tough to let something like that go. Kickboxing is something that also was a very big part of his career before MMA was introduced, and he definitely could go back to his first love.

But, I’m sure the time and energy he took to make this decision has him exhausted and wants to take time to think about his next career move. Many MMA fighters aren’t sure of what to expect after their career is over but Barry, has plenty of options to consider.

The next step for him is going to be as tough as retiring from MMA, but having the personality he has any company that takes him in, will be lucky to have him.

He will always turn negatives to positives and I’m sure whatever is next for him that smile and personality will still be growing each and every day.



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