Onnit Battle Ropes 30-day challenge


I’ve done a couple reviews of Onnit products in the past — Primal Bells and Alpha Brain to be specific. This one is going to be a little different. Rather than me telling you why you should buy the Onnit Battle Ropes or give you a list of why they are so good, I figured I would do a challenge myself.

First off, if you don’t know what Battle Ropes are, then you can head over to Onnit and check them out for yourselves. The ones I am using are exactly the same as the photo below. They are 2-inches thick and 50-feet long, so they are not only working my core and stuff, but they are working my grip as well.

Battle Ropes

Beginning today (April 7) I will use the Battle Ropes as my sole training tool and will keep you updated on a weekly (or sometimes more often) basis.

My starting weight is 203-pounds and I am hoping to be down to about 190 by the end of the 30-days.

I completed what I would call a full day-1 workout and it beat me up pretty darn good.

Check out the chart below to detail what it looked like.

 Onnit Battle Ropes – Day 1

Exercise Time/Sets
Alternating Wave 30secs/3
X’s 30secs/3
Uppercuts 30secs/3


If you are interested in joining me for this 30-day challenge, then hit up the comment section below and let me know where you are at.

Keep it locked to MMASucka.com, as I will keep you all updated every few days with how the progression is coming.

Again if you would like to purchase some Onnit Battle Ropes for yourself or any other Onnit products you can click the banner ad below.

Onnit Battle Ropes


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