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My second month in Chiang Mai has been surrounded around my training. This month I’ve kept a lot more to myself — not going out and doing things as much, spending all my down time resting, studying footage or getting massages to recover my sore muscles. I have been using all my energy for my training. MMA practice in the morning followed by conditioning and then either grappling or muay thai in the evening. After winning my first fight here in Thailand by first round stoppage due to strikes, I already have my next fight booked, so without any down time I jumped right back into training.

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I am fighting in the main event of the Songkran MMA Festival in Hua Hin, Thailand on April 12 against a tough Swedish fighter named Viktor Larson. This fight has got me a little more nervous than previous fights. Fighting up in weight (Catchweight of 150 lbs), giving up a height advantage, as well as fighting a south paw for the first time. It has opened up a whole new side of me that I never knew I had. I am finding myself easily motivated to train harder every day. Training mainly with the welterweights on the team to be equivalent to the height of my opponent (as well as a couple of them being south paws themselves). I can truthfully say I am in the best shape of my life.

This month also brought two more guys to the squad — Danny Missin from the UK and John Vake from New Zealand. Our team is pretty full now with a solid group of guys spread out between four weight classes, (Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight, and Welterweight) with a good core group of guys like this who all get along, it is very easy for us to push each other to that next level.

That about wraps up my March here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Make sure to check out April’s blog for the results on my fight, my experience of Songkran (Buddhist New Year holiday) and a huge fight announcement. I also recently started up on twitter so follow me @JeremyKennedyWC for day to day updates on my trip. Again I would like to thank MMA Sucka for letting me blog, Team Quest for the opportunity and my Friends and Family back home for the support.

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