Onnit Battle Ropes 30-day challenge – Week 2

Battle Ropes

I felt like I was in decent shape prior to starting the Onnit Battle Ropes, however once I picked them up and began swinging them,  I was wrong.

Nearing the end of the first week, I had used the ropes a couple more times and the table below is the exercise routine that I went through.

Exercise Time/Sets
Alternating Wave 20secs/3
Hip Throws 20secs/3
Double Arm Slams 20secs/3

As you can see, I dropped the time, but ended up doing the same number of sets. This may seem as if it would make things easier, however that is actually the opposite. With the amount of time being shorter, that also meant my rest time was shorter, so the intensity was on fire.

The Battle Ropes had been my only form of resistance training, but I was still doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. On Tuesday of this week I went to class and during a warmup roll I popped my knee. It sucked, because I had a nice tight arm bar submission locked in, which I set up from s-guard and when my training partner rolled me on to my back, pushed down on my knee to pass it went “POP”. Everyone around stopped to see if everything was ok. It hurt like hell, but I still continued with the rest of the class, and even sparred a little at the end. Following class, I got in the van and it was when I got out at home that I realized my knee was hooped.

In the morning, it was tough to get out of bed, so I decided to take the day off work. That didn’t stop me from utilizing the Battle Ropes though. Yes, they are a total body workout and I thought it might hurt my knee, but it helped me feel productive even though injured. It didn’t hurt my knee, in fact I could still use these ropes to give me a great upper body burn.

The workout this week changed up a little bit, with somewhat of a super-set at the end to make me sweat even more than I already was.

Exercise Time/Sets
Alternating Wave 20secs/3
Hip Throws 20secs/3
Double Arm Slams 20secs/3
Alternating Wave

Upper Cuts

Hip Throws

Double Arm Slams

10secs Each/3

As stated before, if you are interested in joining me for this 30-day challenge, then hit up the comment section below and let me know where you are at.

Keep it locked to MMASucka.com, as I will keep you all updated every few days with how the progression is coming.

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Onnit Battle Ropes


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