UFC Fit Review – Week 1


MMASucka.com owner Jeremy Brand has taken on the journey of UFC Fit and you can join him with these weekly UFC Fit reviews that he will be doing for the next 12-weeks.

Check out the below quote from the UFC Fit website and then check the Day 1-5 review from Jeremy following.

The UFC FIT program is broken into four, three-week segments. Picture building blocks, where each one stacks on top of the other. UFC FIT focuses on building a solid foundation in the early phases to develop strength, flexibility and conditioning that will be drawn upon in later phases. UFC FIT teaches techniques with the proper volume and intensity to force consistent progression so that with each workout, you get better.

But then, boom! It changes.

Day 1

Workout – Power Punch – Day 1 is a 44-minute workout that will get your heart going for the first workout of the series. If you have not trained in a while or at all, be prepared to sweat your butt off and be out of breath. However if you are a gym junkie then this will likely be an average day at the office for you.

This will be your first time face-to-face with the trainer of UFC Fit Mike Dolce and he will continue to try to keep you motivated for the full time you are working out. You will hear “You can do anything for 10-seconds” on more than one occasion.

The Power Punch workout, as the name says has you working your punching muscles. You will need a set of light and heavy dumbbells, but I only stuck with the light ones, as this was my first time through.

Diet – For day 1, I can not be more proud of how my food choosing came along. My family went to a movie, “Maleficent” and everyone had popcorn, pop and candy — I chose to just stick with a bottle of water.

Weight – 203lbs

Day 2

Workout – Cardio Cross Train – This workout is very cardio heavy and you will be punching and kicking through the full 42-minutes. If you are not sweating by the end of the first round, then you have not worked hard enough. I have to keep a towel handy to wipe the sweat not only off my face, but the floor as well.

You will do five-rounds with five exercises in each round, with two sets. The nice thing about the UFC Fit cast is that there are the ones that are going at an advanced level, but there is always one that you can watch to take it down a notch and do a modified version.

Diet – Dinner = Yummy! The Pineapple Chicken Quinoa is to die for, this one is going to go in the memory bank and get cooked on a number of evenings throughout this journey.

Weight – 199.7lbs

Day 3

Workout – Power Pull – Much like Power Punch on Day 1, on Day 3 you will take part in Power Pull which is the opposite and the pulling muscles. A lot of bicep work is done in this one, but because the legs are heavily involved as well, I kept my weight fairly light.

The one thing I found on Day 3 was that I couldn’t keep up the whole time. During the 43-minute workout I would find myself out of breath at times, so instead of quitting, I would do every other rep from what the cast was doing on the TV. This let me catch my breath and then the next exercise I brought it full force.

Diet – The clean eating has continued, but this day I didn’t really cook anything from scratch. Instead ate leftovers from the day before. So for breakfast I had some East Coast Breakfast Toast with leftover Berry Syrup and for dinner I had my favorite thus far Pineapple Chicken Quinoa.

Weight – 198.7lbs

Day 4

Workout – Fat Fighter – Even though this workout is the shortest of the bunch at just 33-minutes you will be staggering to walk afterwards. Five rounds with four moves done twice, you will be doing a bunch of punches, kicks, squats, jiu-jitsu get-ups and sprawls.

The names Junior dos Santos and Thiago Alves get dropped numerous times throughout this short video, but again your heart rate will be high with the intensity of the program.

Yesterday afternoon I got a new tattoo, so I didn’t go all out on this one, as I didn’t want to get the new tatty all sweaty, but I still pushed it and felt the workout afterwards. Again I had a towel nearby to clean up any sweat on myself, my tat and the floor.

Diet – A little breakfast bowl after my workout had me full for the entire morning. At lunch I made myself a very tasty power egg scramble and again ate some leftover quinoa for dinner. The kids brought home some Wendy’s for themselves for lunch and I was not even tempted — not too bad for Day 4.

Weight – 197.4lbs

Day 5

Workout – Power Push – We are right back to the same workout as Day 1 here on Day 5 and the cool thing about that is, I can see how much I’ve progressed in just five measly days. There was no added weight, but there definitely wasn’t as much rest and all of the ab exercises I felt the power to push right through.

Of course I was continuing to drip with absolute sweat, so the towel was by my side, but the feeling of completing this DVD was very captivating. I felt all in with this one and it makes me excited to move on to Day 6 tomorrow and the journey next week.

Diet – My diet is so on point, I can’t even tell you. The feeling of energy at all points in the day is awesome and the food is really really good. Everyone says that diet is even more important than exercise when it comes to weight loss and it’s obvious that the two combined in this package are absolutely killing it for me.

Weight – 196lbs

The workout for Day 6 will be included in next Friday’s edition of the review, as they will be released each and every Friday for the next 12-weeks.

Check out the little slideshow below to see a few shots from my workouts and diet this week. I promise the photos will get better and more appealing as the weeks go on, so keep up with me over the next 12-weeks to see how things are going and leave a comment below.

Week 1 UFC Fit

By MMASucka

MMASucka.com owner Jeremy Brand has taken the challenge to do UFC Fit for the next 12-weeks and here are some photos

  • Pushup with Shoulder Raise

    By MMASucka

  • Wrestler Sit Out

    By MMASucka

  • Russian Twist with weight

    By MMASucka

  • Drained

    By MMASucka

  • Hip up, Dumbell Fly

    By MMASucka

  • Coconut Breaded Chicken

    By MMASucka

    with baked Zucchini and Asparagus  

  • Power Scramble

    By MMASucka

    with some Gluten Free Toast and Almond Butter

  • East Coast Breakfast Toast

    By MMASucka

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