UFC Fit Review – Week 2


MMASucka.com owner Jeremy Brand has taken on the journey of UFC Fit and you can join him with these weekly UFC Fit reviews that he will be doing for the next 12-weeks.

Check out the below quote from the UFC Fit website and then check the Day 1-5 review from Jeremy following.

The UFC FIT program is broken into four, three-week segments. Picture building blocks, where each one stacks on top of the other. UFC FIT focuses on building a solid foundation in the early phases to develop strength, flexibility and conditioning that will be drawn upon in later phases. UFC FIT teaches techniques with the proper volume and intensity to force consistent progression so that with each workout, you get better.

But then, boom! It changes.

(Change in this review — No diet for each day)

Day 6

Workout – Cardio Cross Train – Yes, it sucked working out on a Saturday, but hey I’m pushing through it. I kicked this Cardio Cross Train’s ass. Obviously the sweat was pouring off of me, but I have began to enjoy the workouts.

Weight – 195.6

Day 7 – REST DAY

Weight – 193.6

Day 8

Workout – Fat Fighter – Kicking, punching and whatnot kicked my butt on Monday morning. I didn’t feel like working out at all and was tired. However after the first two rounds, my tune changed. I was not just going through the motions and made it through the whole workout with flying colors.

Diet – The Breakfast Bowl on Monday was changed up a little, with added chia seeds, hemp hearts, coconut flakes and it completely changed up the flavor and taste.

Weight – 192

Day 9

Workout – Power Pull – OH MY GOSH! The one exercise “Chair Row” is an absolute KILLER. If you don’t know what it is, just imagine sitting back in an imaginary chair with both arms in the air (with dumbbells) and pulling them back individually for rows. This whole workout is tough, as your biceps will be throbbing even though you will more than likely use light weights. Still a fun one folks.

Weight – 192

Day 10

Workout – Cardio Cross Train – It felt like just yesterday I was doing this workout, so it felt a tad bit repetitive. However Mr. Dolce continues to make me work and push myself to the limit during each and every workout.

Weight – 191.8

Day 11

Workout – Power Punch – My favorite thing about the Power Punch workout is the chest flys and the laying on the ground punches. This workout seemed too much for my tummy though and I had to call it quits during the seventh round. I felt so bad doing this, and I know you don’t want to hear about it, but the toilet was calling. It must have been the heavy and hard ab exercises earlier in the workout.

Diet –  Once again breakfast was started with my all time favorite, East Coast Breakfast Toast. Loads and loads of water to make my tummy feel better and I think that bumped the weight down a little. One little snack that I tried on Thursday was a Chia Seed Kiwi and Mango Pudding — it was delicious and packed with nutrients.

Weight- 191

Day 12

Workout – Ultimate Stretch Flex – What a great day with Ultimate Stretch Flex. It cooled my muscles down and let them feel recovered. A lot of focus on the leg muscles in this workout and for good reason, as the program is very leg heavy. I know that I was supposed to do Ab Attack, however after what I went through yesterday, I decided to hold off.

Weight – 191

Week 2 UFC Fit

By MMASucka

MMASucka.com owner Jeremy Brand has taken the challenge to do UFC Fit for the next 12-weeks and here are some photos

  • Drained

    By MMASucka

  • A Sweaty Mess

    By MMASucka

  • Turkey Burger sans Bun

    By MMASucka

  • Fighter Fajitas

    By MMASucka

  • East Coast Breakfast Toast

    By MMASucka

  • Breakfast Bowl

    By MMASucka

  • Chia Seed Kiwi Mango Pudding

    By MMASucka

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