Dillashaw wants to take out Barao and become a UFC legend

Ezra Shaw/Zuffa LLC / Zuffa LLC
Ezra Shaw/Zuffa LLC / Zuffa LLC

T.J. Dillashaw was able to create one of the biggest shocks in MMA history when he won the UFC bantamweight championship by taking out Renan Barao. Now only a few days are left before a rematch between these fighters, and Dillashaw is very eager to beat Barao once again and put his name next to the legends. Live betting fans are very eager to see this rematch, and believe that they’ll be in for quite a show.

Dillashaw wants to take out Barao and become a UFC legend

“It’s a tough situation.  After I beat him on Aug. 30, he’s going to have a long road to try and get back to the title,” said Dillashaw.  “I think I’m going to expose him as a fighter in general and other fighters are going to take advantage of that.”

Dillashaw is set to rise in the sport after his rematch with Barao, and bigger things will await the champion. He did not join the sport to become its most famous or most popular fighter – all he wants to do is to turn into the best fighter in the history of the UFC, while winning various weight classes, and he wants to have his name put amongst the ranks of the other legends in the sport.

John Dryden, who is a very famous poet, once said, “Kings fight for empires, madmen for applause.”

Dillashaw’s supremacy at UFC 177 is set to start, and many fans are confident that he’ll be the one to clinch the victory.

“I want to become a legend,” Dillashaw said.  “I want to be pound-for-pound best in the world.  I want to shoot for two belts and do stuff that’s hall of fame material.”

Pay per head agents all over the world are looking forward to a very exciting showdown, and know that Barao will be no easy contender, as he’s well known in the world of MMA as a fighter with plenty of skills and power, and Dillashaw should be very careful. Nobody knows what will happen yet, but many pundits believe that Dillashaw will be the one to win it all on Aug. 30, yet others obviously differ.


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