Veteran Josh Hardwick promises to ‘steal the show’ at PFC 7

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The early card of PFC 7-Rock “N” Rumble, promises to be just as exciting as the end, if matches like JD Hardwick versus Mark Huerta have anything to say about it. Elevation Fight Team’s Huerta is undefeated, with two wins and is making his second appearance on a PFC card, while Zingano BJJ’s Hardwick is making both his PFC and fighting debut.

Veteran Josh Hardwick promises to ‘steal the show’ at PFC 7

Hardwick’s story is familiar, while still being unique. As an Army veteran, he, like so many others, returned to civilian life unclear on which direction to take.

“I became a huge fan of the sport while in the Army. After I got out, my life got a little confusing and I had a hard time with the transition and what was expected of me. One day I just packed my bags and left for Denver trying to search for myself. I found myself on the mats of Zingano,” Hardwick said.

On thing Hardwick does understand is exactly what Huerta is coming to do. Understanding however, doesn’t equal fear. Not with the experiences he has in his past and the backup he has behind him.

“Mark Huerta is a tough dude but as far as I know his intentions don’t quiet rival those of the Taliban or Al Qaeda which were my last opponents. There will be some nerves come fight night I’m sure, but I have champions in my corner. Professor Matt Simms and Coach J Kev Hernandez have been champions for Seth [Daniels] in the past and now I have them grooming me. There’s nothing I can’t handle with them in my corner,” Hardwick said.

Beyond what he’s bringing to the cage, Hardwick wants fans to know that while his fight may be early on the card it’s going to be a memory that they take away long after Friday night is over.

“We’re going to steal the show. Fans should expect exactly what you turn on that TV for, what you buy that ticket for. The reason you go to these events is entertainment and that’s exactly what I plan to bring into that cage and if you’ve seen my opponent fight before you know he brings the fight as well. Seth knows what he’s doing when he sets up these matchups. Huerta and I are going to be a fight you all remember for a long time,” Hardwick said.

Now all that is left is for those memories to be made and to see if Hardwick can indeed hand Huerta his first loss. Either way, Hardwick believes his future is bright.

“This is just the beginning of my journey, lots of story to unfold starting with my debut in the PFC cage on Friday night,” Hardwick said.

Can Huerta remain undefeated or will Hardwick start his own streak with his PFC debut? The only way to find out is to be there to see this as well as the rest of the stacked R“N”R card and a P.O.D. concert at the National Western Complex on November 21.

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