Jeremy Kennedy’s Team Quest Thailand Blog #7

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Last month I got the chance to travel to Malaysia and corner my teammate Ping for his fight with ONE FC. It was a cool experience seeing another part of the world and see behind the scene of a world class event. It gave me the confidence that I believe that’s the kind of stage I should be fighting on and that I can compete with the top fighters in my weight class.

Jeremy Kennedy’s Team Quest Thailand Blog #7

I was unable to secure a fight with Full Metal Dojo, after Will Chope agreed and then backed out on three separate occasions. This happened so close to the fight leaving a short amount of time to find a suitable replacement. I was really looking forward to this show, because of the experience it would have been with their different rule set.

Once it was official that I would not be fighting I decided to make my professional Muay Thai debut. After such a long and rigorous training camp, I needed to fight and still be able to showcase my skills. After dropping my opponent in the first round with a head kick, I was able to knock him out out in the third with a more powerful head kick. It was good ring experience, only being able to rely on my striking and still getting the win by KO. After spending almost a year in Thailand, I’m glad that I’ve been able to compete in their National sport professionally.

I always like to keep myself active and busy with fights, so I’m constantly looking ahead and sorting out my next fight. I’m happy to announce that it will be on home soil again, as I will be fighting in the main event of Battlefield Fight League 34 at the River Rock Casino against another up and coming prospect in Canada, Mario Pereira (4-0). This will definitely be my toughest test to date, but It’s a step in the right direction and I fully believe I will win this fight.

As my career is progressing, I’m starting to realize that it’s hard to manage everything on my own like I always have with getting fights, dealing with sponsors, contacting promotions and all the other behind the scenes stuff that goes along with fighting. So I’ve signed with Rise Management. They are a very professional company who deal with a lot of big name athletes in this sport. This is going to be huge for me, because I can now concentrate solely on my training and become the best fighter I can.

My next little project I’m going to be working on in my down time from training is really building my social media. This plays a huge role in getting sponsors and opportunities on bigger stages. So a simple like or follow will go a long way for me. If you could take a second and like/follow and of the following it would be appreciated! Twitter: @jeremykennedywc Instagram: @jeremykennedy19 Facebook athlete page: Jeremy Kennedy

I Want to thank my sponsors Team Quest Thailand, MMASucka, Popeyes Supplements in Surrey, Strike Athletics, and Ariel Banquet Hall & Convention Centre.

Be on the look out for next months blog!

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