The Fight Continues: Gegard Mousasi & Others Continue to Battle Fear The Fighter Over Non-Payment


The day to day living of a fighter is crucial and without them having a day job, sponsors play a key role in this. There are a number of big name companies on the market who have been sponsoring fighters and letting them become full-time fighters.

The Fight Continues: Gegard Mousasi & Others Continue to Battle Fear The Fighter Over Non-Payment

On Tuesday, UFC Middleweight Gegard Mousasi put one of his main sponsors on blast via his official Twitter account.

He continued to throw that company under the bus.

Mousasi sent tweets to UFC President Dana White, as well as Lorenzo Fertita.

This is not the first time, Fear the Fighter has been in the news for not paying their fighters’. Earlier this week, former WSOF Featherweight Champion and current Bellator fighter Georgi Karakhanyan put Fear the Fighter on blast. As did John Dodson, Akira Corassani and Joe Wooster on behalf of Tim Elliot.

On January, 21 2014, Eric Apple posted a thread on the uber popular MMA site the UG, stating that he had agreed on a deal with them for his racing efforts.

“Just thought everyone should know, that Fear the Fighter entered into an agreement about a year ago for them to support my racing efforts. I was scheduled to start receiving payments in May of last year, and to get paid after every race aired on TV. I have yet to be paid a dime by these guys and they continue to either ignore me or put me off.

Its especially irritating considering I have a contract, and they are the ones who dictated the deal points. Why would you create a deal that you don’t intent to stick to? I want my $7500

Maybe this will get there attention? What say you UG??”

This thread has gone viral and has been viewed over 88,000 times, with over 700 posts.

Sponsors are there to keep fighters’ livelihood going and this is the thing that sets people back.

All of this comes on the heels of the UFC announcing their partnership with Reebok for official uniforms and ultimately ending fight-week sponsorships.



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