Desmond Green feels like he’ll have his way with Steven Siler at Titan FC 32


Many fighters train their entire lives to make it to one of the big stages of the game, for Desmond Green he has fought for two of the largest promotions in the game, with just over two years professional experience.

Desmond Green feels like he’ll have his way with Steven Siler at Titan FC 32

At Titan FC 32, Green was expected to face Steven Siler in the co-main event, however with the main event being scrapped, President Jeff Aronson has promoted “The Predator” to main event status. This is where Green thought the fight should have been all along.

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“I thought it should have been the main event,” Green told MMASucka.com. “I know a lot of people are looking forward to me and him go at it. I found out maybe a week ago when I first posted it and I’m really excited. It’s more exposure for me, more people get to see me do my thing.”

Green fought five times under the Bellator banner before being signed to Titan FC. With a 3-2 record, it was with surprise that he was released from that promotion — however, he has now come to realize that it was a ‘blessing in disguise.’

“I was definitely surprised, it kind of came out of nowhere. It happened and it ended up being a blessing in disguise. Shortly after I got released, Jeff [Aronson] reached out, he’s a great guy, he’s been helping me out a lot thus far. He actually hooked me up with proper management and he offered me a multi-fight contract with them and a chance to stay active and that’s exactly what I wanted. I’m actually happy with how things turned out.”

The 25-year-old has fought for a championship belt before, with the regional promotion NEF. There are definitely higher stakes at play in this fight, with the Titan FC title up for grabs and the national spotlight on him in front of the CBS SN television crowd.

“It seems like the way I’ve been fighting every fight, it’s just getting more and more exciting. more stakes are at hand,” said Green. “I think this one is definitely up there with the rankings, especially with it being for the title and me just coming off of a strong finish. If I make another statement like I did, then I could possibly be getting some looks from the UFC. It’s going to be great, I think this definitely be a big fight for my career and me maintaining the status I’ve built so far. I’m definitely going to be going out there and giving it all I’ve got.”

In Green’s last outing, he knocked out former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres just 46-seconds into the very first round. Unfortunately this didn’t give the now Montreal native enough time to showcase his new skills. He has made the move to Canada in order to train with Firas Zahabi at Tristar and is now hoping he will get to showcase his talent against Siler.

“I actually enjoy the fight game, I wish I did have a little bit more time. Especially with me just moving to Montreal. There were a couple of things I just wanted to show everybody in my developmental game. Hopefully Siler puts up a better fight and we could get some good rounds in before I finish him.”

Despite being on a three-fight losing skid, Siler has fought in front of the big lights with the UFC. This does not faze Green, as he feels he will be able to have his way with him in every aspect of the fight game.

This fight is booked for 25-minutes, but by no means does Green think it will last the full time allotted.

“I feel like I’m gonna be able to go out there and have my way with him,” Green stated. “From the first second that gate locks, I feel like I can beat him in every position. I definitely go out there and intend to prove that and back those words up. I’ll be surprised if he lasts the full 25-minutes. I’m gonna try to keep the pace up and I’m gonna be working hard to finish him.”

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