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MMASucka Product Review: GRIPS Athletics Wasp Rashguard Blue Honeycomb


It doesn’t come off as a surprise to me that GRIPS Athletics uses a mixture of ergonomics and technology into the making of its products. And as you’d expect, those glaring elements were used in the formation of one of the company’s top billings: The Wasp Rashguard Blue Honeycomb.

MMASucka Product Review: GRIPS Athletics Wasp Rashguard Blue Honeycomb


The moment I pulled this beauty out of the bag, at first glance, it looked just like any other rashguard. But that’s where I was wrong. What actually caught my immediate attention was how well the logos were done. It seemed as though they weren’t printed on the material but as if they were actually part of it. The flatlock stitching helped to allow fraying where the fabric was put together, and the graphics on the rashguard were fused onto the fabric so you will not have to worry about them fading or falling off after multiple washes. That impressed me.


The rashguard also felt so smooth. Almost like silk, mind you. And upon closer inspection, I learned it was made out of a PolySpandex fabric with no loose threads, whatsoever.

It fits very well onto your skin but be sensible: Get the right size. If you don’t, you’ll find lots of loose space around the chest, abdomen and arms, and that’ll ultimately pose a lot of discomfort especially when you’re doing grappling.

Thankfully for me, the rashguard was tailored to perfection. It stayed where it was supposed to and it did its job really well.

It comes in two colors, blue and black, for both long-sleeves and short.


The rashguard’s smooth flatlock seams did an excellent job of preventing chafing and the 4-way stretch PolySpandex fabric material ensured maximum flexibility. But what I adored most about the fabric was the antimicrobial aspect attached to it. This is vital because it thwarts the growth of unwanted bacteria and prevents odor which needless to say, is essential for a rashguard.


It’s well-worth noting that for a top quality product, it’s hardly a steep on the pocket with the rashguard priced at only USD$64.90.

And bar none, GRIPS Athletics’ emphasis to style, detail and functional design is eye-catching. This product is without a doubt, one of the most durable, cleanest, and comfortable rashguards on the market. Own it folks, and take your training experiences to the next level.


*Noted Characteristics 

  1. Durability
  2. Material
  3. Style
  4. Comfort
  5. Comes in two colors (Black & Blue)
  6. Comes in two types (Long sleeves & short)


Product Features (adapted from GRIPS’ website): 

  • Quick-Drying 4-Way Stretch PolySpandex Performance Fabric
  • Tight Compression, Second-Skin Fit
  • Smooth Flatlock Seams Prevent Chafing

*Get the Wasp Rashguard Blue Honeycomb from GRIPS Athletics here. For more information, visit

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