Fight Boozin’: UFC 183 Edition


Now, for those of us over the legal drinking age, alcoholic beverages are often a necessary accoutrement when watching a UFC pay-per-view event. However, with such a wide range of beers, wines, and spirits available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose something that may really fit the event. That can leave you relying on the “same old same old,” or – even worse – cheap, bad beer. We here at MMASucka don’t want to see that happen to you, though. That’s why we’re bringing you this PPV-week series to help ensure that you have quality drinks for watching (hopefully) quality fights, inspired by a fighter on the card.

UFC 183 is upon us, featuring Anderson Silva returning to do battle with Nick Diaz in the main event. That means, inspired by the elder Diaz, we’re going to be traveling to California for one of this event’s booze picks. That’s right, we have a bonus pick, because the California brew – recommended to me by UFC fighter and craft beer aficionado Shayna Baszler – is not available in Canada. So, to ensure that everybody in North America can get something I’ve recommended, this event’s special bonus pick is an Alberta beer in honor of Lethbridge, AB’s Jordan Mein.

Let’s start with beer #1: Fireman’s Brew Brunette, a strong German doublebock that was recommended to me by fellow heavy metal and craft beer enthusiast – as well as TUF 18 contestant – Shayna Baszler. This 8.0% ABV stunner is surprisingly mild at 19 IBU, so while it will knock you on your butt, it won’t leave you with a Diaz-signature mean mug from the bitterness. More malty than hoppy, this deep brown-hued beer will hit tastebuds – Stockton slap-style – with hints of caramel, toffee, plum, and chocolate. Only available in the US, go to the Fireman’s Brew website  to see where you can find it.

For Canadians (and Americans who have access to fine beer stores), we are going to Alberta. Beer #2 is Big Rock Brewery’s Abandoned Abbey, a Belgian-style dark ale. A 9.2% ABV ass-kicker, Abandoned Abbey doesn’t come out swinging in terms of bitterness, clocking in at only 28 IBU. It will knock you down over time, just like the sublime violence of “Young Guns.” With light spiciness and a hint of raisin flavoring, this copper-colored beer will make a for a great accoutrement to this upcoming night of fights. Check out where to find it at Big Rock’s website.



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