Is UFC still the fourth Major League Sport?

By Samuel Goldman

The UFC used to be in the fourth major league sport slot. Now the UFC can’t compete with MLS. Everything they do MLS does better. The numbers don’t lie.

It’s amazing how large the UFC has become. I admire their ability to become an international household name. They have done an amazing job of landing endorsement deals. MLS has done an even better job.

Is UFC still the fourth Major League Sport?

The UFC recently signed a six-year $70 million dollar Reebok uniform deal. Yes the controversial deal fighters are now complaining about. Adidas recently increased their deal with MLS through 2018. According to Sports Business Daily, sources valued the deal at more than $200 million.

EA sports had trouble selling copies of the latest UFC game, as seen here. MLS teams are currently featured in the FIFA video game series. FIFA 15 was the best selling 2014 video game in the UK. The numbers don’t lie. MLS kicked the UFC’s ass and became the fourth major league sport.


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