Product Review: BC Kimonos Comp450-L Blue

UPS showed up at the door with a box and a slick new gi inside — the BC Kimonos Comp450-L Blue. This bad boy is the light edition of the standard comp gi and the second BC Kimonos gi in my arsenal.

As I walked into Apex Martial Arts, the heads turned in my direction as the new gi was in hand. Before stepping on the mats, while sitting waiting for kickboxing to finish up, a number of the BJJ players were sitting on the sidelines. With the new gi in hand, a handful of the fellas said, “Ohhh a new gi, do you like BC Kimonos.” The obvious answer came out of my mouth — YES. So they tried the jacket on and agreed that it was comfy and felt really good. I can’t agree more with this and have pushed them to the website (Hopefully they purchase one.)

This bad boy has an impressive 450GSM Pearl weave top, but is still able to stay lightweight. The look is the same as the rest of the comp gi’s that BC Kimonos sells, but it is the lightest comp gi in their product line. If you are looking for a competition gi that won’t break the bank or the scale if you are having a difficult time cutting weight, then this one might be for you.

Not only is the gi light and comfy, but it is damn sharp looking as well. The gray contrast stitching looks very slick on the blue, as does the black edge detail. The competition fit is just that, with tapered cuffs so that your foe can’t get a great grip while rolling. As always the Kelowna based company has paid a tremendous amount of time making a strong gi, while still looking and feeling great.

The price is $154.99 Canadian, so if you’re stumped and thinking, “Hmmmm this might not be the right gi for me.” Let me put this into perspective a little — that same priced gi in US Dollars would be $206.14 as of today, plus shipping and customs. In Canada there is no shipping fee with this company and a flat rate to the United States, so you American’s would be smart to start shopping BC Kimonos as well.

Check out the size chart below.


Appearance – 10/10

Durability – 9/10 (First time rolling in it, but it felt strong as heck)

Comfort – 10/10

Price – 10/10

Overall – 10/10

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BC Kimonos offers free shipping across Canada and a $10 flat rate the the United States, so what are you waiting for? Head over to and get your hands on the Comp450-L Blue or any one of their other fantastic gi’s.



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