CM Punk debut delayed, needs back surgery

Photo of CM Punk

Just after the world found out who CM Punk would be making his UFC debut against, a delay has occurred. The former WWE Champion was expected to take on Mickey Gall at either UFC 199 or UFC 200, however a back injury which requires surgery.

CM Punk debut delayed, needs back surgery

The news came on Wednesday, as Punk told, “My back has always bugged me. Figured it was just wrestling s–t. Turns out it was.”

The pain became intolerable, despite him stepping in the cage to promote his fight against Gall this past Saturday.

“It got bad enough to the point where I couldn’t do anything the week before I went to train with the New Jersey Devils last month. One day I could manage, the next day I couldn’t. I’ve been in agony for almost a month. Chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, cryotherapy … nothing worked.”

Punk will undergo surgery on Wednesday and he’s expecting to be out of action for four to six weeks. The 37-year-old hopes to make his debut later in 2016.

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