MMASucka Product Review: Quad Lock Mounting System

‘Twist, Lock & Go!”

Being an avid cyclist for the last eight years has had me always looking for the latest gadget to make my rides more enjoyable. Quad Lock has come out with easily the coolest product on the market — a quick, secure, cell phone mounting system.

So what does anyone with multiple media outlets do? Reach out for a product review. The folks at Quad Lock responded just days later and shipped me the bad boy a few days later. One quandary that people have stated online was the long shipping time. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t shipped overnight, but it was delivered to my door by Purolator in less than a week’s time.

I’ve seen on Instagram and Twitter that many mixed martial artists these days have taken to road cycling. Well then this is a product that many of them and you as well will find interesting.

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Let’s go over everything that came in the box individually.

The Case

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This is the selling point for the Quad Lock. The case acts as a mate for all the mounts. Whether you are using an armband for running, the car mount or the mount on your bike for cycling, the case will recessed contact will lock with any of those products.

I have an iPhone 6, so the case I got fit the slim design and works as an everyday case for my phone. The one warning that I give, is for anyone that has Ghost Armour or any other kind of screen protector — be careful. The case is an extremely tight fit, so it can cause bubbles around the outer edges of your screen, like it did to mine.

Other than that one warning, everything else about the case is awesome. You have full access to all your features, even while the phone is mounted.

You can get a case for almost every major smart phone on the market, or if they don’t have yours, then grab yourself the universal case.

The Quad Lock Mount

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First things first, this little guy is solid, yet light as well. The Quad Lock Mount comes with o-rings and zap straps in order to secure it to whichever bar you wish on your bike. I used both the o-rings and zap straps to get an extra secure grip and I mounted it on my stem, so I had access to my phone at all times.

The Patented Quad Lock dual action locking mechanism makes your phone almost invincible wherever it is mounted. On my rides I go over speed bumps, hit the odd rock, ride over railway tracks and hit some potholes. The Quad Lock Mount makes your phone as secure as Fort Knox.

If you want to release your phone, simply press down on the blue part of the mount and twist. SIMPLE.

The mount suits tubes sizes from 25 to 40mm and you can purchase the mount separately from the case if you choose to for some odd reason.

In the End

I had another way of tracking my speed and my cadence and all that other goodness on my bike. But that required cables and sometimes was hit or miss. With the Quad Lock, I have access to the Strava app, which keeps all that info and I can share the goodies to all my social media apps immediately. Heck, if you really want to, you can even Tweet or catch some Pokemon along the way, as your phone is so accessible.

This product is highly recommended for anyone that wants to have access to their phone while running, riding or driving.

The Quad Lock Kit retails for $69.95 USD. Check it out HERE.



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