The Walkout Consultant: UFC Fight Night 94

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We all hate bad walkouts. Whether it’s a poor choice in relation to a fighter’s personal brand, or just a horrible song, a bad walkout song can scuttle a fighter’s image. That’s where I come in. As MMASucka.com’s resident board-certified musicologist, I am here to help fighters find a better choice in entrances. I am going to help some of the fighters from UFC Fight Night 94. I am also going to make those suggestions public for your listening pleasure.

Chas Skelly

Last Song Walked Out to: “Fancy” – Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX

What He Should Walk Out to Next: “Blood Like Cream” – Red Fang

Chas “The Scrapper” Skelly is not a man who should be walking out to Iggy Azalea. Val Letourneau? Sure. But not Chas Skelly. With that fuzzy facial hair he tends to cultivate, he is certainly not fancy. In fact, he looks like he enjoys a PBR outside of fight camps as much as he likes throwing down in the Octagon. So, after talking about Red Fang on this week’s Eye of the Storm MMA Podcast, I can’t help but think that it would be a perfect choice for Mr. Skelly. See for yourself below.

Antonio Carlos Jr.

Last Song Walked Out To: “Um Nova Tempo” – Filipe Lancaster

What Song He Should Walk Out To Next: “Push it Up” – Excision & Space Laces

I’ve never been a fan of guys walking out to trancey house music. No, not even Wanderlei Silva or “Shogun” Rua. They at least have kept their songs around long enough that they’re part of their brand now. That said, it’s not too late for Antonio “Cara de Sapato” Carlos Jr. to change. It’s fine if he still needs his synths and bit of 4/4 on the floor beats. There are just better, more interesting places to find it. So, he must turn away from House and go to the Bass side for UFC Fight Night 94. A good choice in song for good ole’ “Shoe Face” is “Push It Up” from Excision and Space Laces. Has a the house/trance build up to start, and goes into some good, heavy bass/dubstep for the remainder of the track. Check it below.

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