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Sub Series Canadian Kumite Results

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Submission Series Pro returns this evening from Nova Scotia with a new venture; the Canadian Kumite.

16-men will vie for a shot at $3,500 cold hard cash in a Kumite tournament format.

Among the tournament combatants are Grapplers Quest champion Rustam Chsiev, Pan American brown belt champion Dante Leon, as well as west coast black belts Nabil Salameh and Jared Revel.

Along with the tournament, 15-year-old rising sensation and younger brother of Gordon Ryan, Nicky Ryan willtake on Montreal’s Danny An Khoi Vu in a super-fight.

Check out full results below.


Oliver Taza def. Cole Franson via heel hook


Nicky Ryan def. Danny An Khoi Vu via heel hook


Cole Franson def. Jon Cobb via guillotine choke
Oliver Taza def. Jared Revel via heel hook


Jon Cobb def. Dante Leon via heel hook
Cole Franson def. Nabil Salameh via omoplata
Oliver Taza def. Aaron Jollimore via heel hook
Jared Revel def. Shawn McManus via judges decision


Jon Cobb def. Marco LeBlanc via rear-naked choke
Dante Leon def. Rustem Chsiev via judges decision
Cole Franson def. Scott Nauss via guillotine choke
Nabil Salameh def. Michael Malott via heel hook
Oliver Taza def. Shane Fishman via inverted heel hook
Aaron Jollimore def. Jon Taine Hall via Judges Decision
Shawn McManus def. Eric Andre via Judges Decision
Jared Revel def. Dom Hoskins via straight armlock

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