EBI 10 Results

The Eddie Bravo Invitational is back and this time EBI 10 is in Mexico City, Mexico instead of the usual Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

EBI 10 Results

This tournament features the bantamweights (135-pounds) and will see the featherweight (145-pounds) champion Eddie Cummings vie for that championship as well. He will have to make his way through the bracket and see if he can capture Geo Martinez’s crown.

Other than Martinez and Cummings, other notable names that are featured on the card are: Baret Yoshida, Ashley Williams, Kristian Woodmansee, Alexis Alduncin, Eric Medina and Rafael “Barata” Freitas.

Check out full results below.


Geo Martinez def. Eddie Cummings via Armbar in Overtime


Fiorella Coto Segnini def. Mariana Gill via Armbar


Eddie Cummings vs. Baret Yoshida
Geo Martinez def. Ricky Lule via Arm-Triangle/Ezekiel Choke


Baret Yoshida def. Arturo Cadenas Rocha via Ezekiel Choke
Eddie Cummings def. Alexis Alduncin via Heek Hook
Ricky Lule def. Bruninho Barbosa via Guillotine Choke
Geo Martinez def. Marcelo Cohen via Heel Hook


Arturo Cadenas Rocha def. Pablo Rogel via Heel Hook
Baret Yoshida def. Eric Medina via Rear-Naked Choke in Overtime
Alexis Alduncin def. Ashley Williams via Rear-Naked Choke in Overtime
Eddie Cummings def. Alessandro Costa via Heel Hook
Ricky Lule def. Javier Gomez via Heel Hook/Kneebar
Bruninho Barbosa def. Suraj Budhram via Calf Slicer
Marcelo Cohen def. Joey Diehl via Kimura
Geo Martinez def. Kristian Woodmansee via D’arce Choke

Check out the EBI 10 Countdown show below.


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