Interview with Din Thomas – The Main Event Zone Radio

In this episode, host P.A.W. interviews the coach of Women’s Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes and Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley, Co-Star of UFC YouTube show “Search for a Fight” with Dana White, ESPN radio Co-Host, Co-Host of the podcast Morning Wood, & former UFC fighter Din Thomas. Dropping later on today!

Interview with Din Thomas – The Main Event Zone Radio

Here’s the breakdown:

2:35 How he feels about being nominated and possibly being recognized as the coach of the year

4:02 How he feels about Robbie Lawlor leaving American Top Team?

5:35 Talks about what the mood has been like in American Top Team lately

7:30 Talks about the vision for Amanda’s Ronda Rousey gameplan vs reality

8:50 Was Ronda overated?

10:15 Cat Zingano, with her recent comments is she posturing to get in the title conversation despite saying she’ll earn shot?

12:26 Where did Amandas’s Lion Mask come from?

13:45  Who was he most interested in seeing Tyron Woodley fight?

15:11 How does Wonderboy get under Tyron’s skin?

17:20 What else do you think Woodley could have done to finish the fight at UFC 205?

18:54 Were they fully satisfied after UFC 205 with the fight of the night in the 1st MSG card but only getting a majority draw?

20:56 He talks about Tyron’s outside activities and how he’s inspired by him.

22:26 Talks about how he is balancing all his many endeavors.

23:48 We go over trolls on the internet.

24:26 Talks about what Dana White is like just hanging out.

25:38 Talks about a crazy story that has happened on Looking for a Fight that we likely won’t see on air.

27:46 We talk ATT fighters to keep an eye out for.

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