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Sucka Voice Radio Episode 001

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A new era has began. Sucka Radio has had a facelift and been rebooted as Sucka Voice Radio. Host Jeremy Brand will now be joined by fellow host Dave “The Voice” Boyce each and every week.

This weekly show will feature in depth conversation about the world of MMA and plain old geek nonsense. The two will also chat with the odd guest and bring you some fun.

On the first episode, Jeremy and Dave introduce themselves to you, the listenership and let all of you know how they got into this crazy sport they call MMA. Obviously other stuff comes up along the way, as it should, but make sure you take this crazy ride with the two, as it’s going to be a fun one.

Make sure you follow both on social media.

Jeremy Brand

Instagram – @Jeremy_604

Twitter – @JeremyBrand604

Snapchat – @jbrand604

Dave Boyce

Instagram – @ThisBoyceLife

Twitter – @ThisBoyceLife

Snapchat – @ThisBoyceLife

Check out Dave’s other projects over at This Boyce LifeĀ 

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Jeremy Brand started up this lovechild called MMASucka.com back in 2009. It began as a hobby project and has turned into much more. In his spare time, you can find Jeremy on the mats, as he is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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