Asgard503 Jiu Jitsu ‘YouTube’ Tee Review

Paige VanZant
Cris 'Sunshine' Williams rocking the Jiu-Jitsu YouTube tee with Paige VanZant

I wouldn’t normally do a review on a t-shirt, but the good folks at Asgard503 have gone above and beyond with their Jiu-Jitsu ‘YouTube’ tee.

After a few back and forths with the company’s owner, we finally decided that the YouTube tee would be a perfect start for a little product partnership.

I never tend to get my hopes up when it comes to clothing companies in the BJJ and MMA hemisphere. They are typically printed on cheap Fruit of the Loom style tees that you can get for a dime a dozen in your local Walmart–unless your name is Roots of Fight of course. Well, Asgard503 is not like the aforementioned cheapskates, instead they’ve taken to a 60% combed cotton / 40% polyester blend that makes the shirt both comfortable and stylish.

One thing that I would note for anyone that is purchasing a product from Asgard is, order it one size bigger. Typically, I would rock a medium or a large, so they shipped me a large. Even though I have put on a little bit of weight, it fit perfectly when I received it. However upon washing and drying the tee, it was a tad snug. No biggie, by any means, so order up.YouTubeJitsFront

One of the bigger things that bother me about t-shirts, and something I look for when purchasing one, is a good quality collar. It can’t be overly stretched out, or super loose, and the Asgard503 brand has seemed to pride themselves on a great quality collar. This thing isn’t getting stretched out in the wash or when stored away on a hanger.

Many people came up to me and asked, “What’s Jiu-Jitsu? Is that another language for YouTube?, which made me laugh. You will definitely get some looks when wearing the shirt outside of the BJJ community, and you will also get some comments while in the community. Let them know exactly where you got it, and that they’re a great small business with a good quality product.

If you’re interested in rocking one of the Asgard503 YouTube-inspired Jiu-Jitsu tees, or any of their other products, then check out their website HERE.


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