The Walkout Consultant: UFC 212

UFC 212 goes down this Saturday, June 3rd, at HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Some fighters, like headliners Jose Aldo and Max Holloway, know the value of a signature walkout song. Many others, however, do not. That is where I come in. As’s resident musicologist, I can help these wayward warriors find a song that will help them stand out from the pack. I’ll even do it publicly, for you, the reader’s pleasure. So, without further ado, here… We… Go!

The Walkout Consultant: UFC 212

Jim Wallhead

What he last walked out to: “Turn Down for What” – DJ Snake and Lil Jon

What he should walk out to next: “Kashmir” – Led Zeppelin

“Judo” Jim Wallhead doesn’t look like a man who even knows what a “DJ Snake” is. He also looks like a man who would know to pick a song a little more unique. That said, he hasn’t. So he is in need of something more befitting of a man with his gravitas. That song is the classic Led Zeppelin epic, “Kashmir.” Listen below.

Erick Silva

What he last walked out to: “300 Violin Orchestra” – Jorge Quintero

What he should walk out to next: “Arc of Bar” – Japandroids

It’s bad when your choice of walkout music isn’t unique. It’s even worse when it isn’t even unique on a particular fight card. This is the problem with Erick Silva and his choice of “300 Violin Orchestra.” It’s already being used regularly by Vitor Belfort, who is fighting what may well be his last UFC bout later in the evenings. So, by virtue of seniority, Belfort should be given the song and Silva should have to pick something new. Something with a similarly slower tempo, with power, and with a distinct intro. That something is “Arc of Bar” from Vancouver rockers Japandroids. Listen below.


Raphael Assuncao

What he walked out to last: “Podo Vir” – Tiago Brasil

What he should walk out to next: “Cochise” – Audioslave

I can’t really say anything about Raphael Assuncao‘s previous walkout song, because I don’t remember anything about it. I also can’t find it on Youtube. That’s generally a sign that it’s too obscure of a choice. Now, if Assuncao is looking for a more recognizable walkout track, I’d like to suggest Audioslave’s “Cochise.” The intro has a great build, and would be a nice tip of the hat after the passing of Chris Cornell. Listen below.

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