The Best Ways Conor McGregor Can Defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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The billon-dollar fight, as most would consider it, has finally turned into reality. The 40-year-old Floyd Mayweather Jr. will take on the biggest name in MMA, Conor McGregor, in what people say is a fight that should haven’t happened after all.

The two are going to fight each other on Aug. 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Knowing that the Irishman has no experience in professional boxing and that he’ll be fighting Floyd who has a clean 49-0 record, it seems that it’ll be a one-sided matchup. But is it?

When basing on the statistics, it makes perfect sense to give Conor a zero percent chance to win. After all, he’s not a boxer as he’s a mixed martial artist and they’re going to fight under boxing rules.

It’s not that hard to assess the situation. But then again, the 29-year-old fighter has proved time and time again that he can overturn the odds. And because of this, there’s still that glimpse of hope that he might surprise everyone when he knocks Floyd Jr. to the ground on Aug. 26.

Here are some of the ways in which Conor might defeat the proud American.

The Best Ways Conor McGregor Can Defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The Big KO Punch

Conor McGregor has shown to the world how hard of a puncher he is. In his many MMA and UFC fights, one can clearly see that most of his victories are through KOs and TKOs.

Yes, his hitting power is really that hard and its blowing a barrage of it on a person’s skull can produce unimaginable shockwaves that can send his opponent spiraling to the ground. Some say that this will be the only chance or perhaps most plausible way for Conor to defeat Mayweather.

However, hopeful analysts say that he must do this as early as possible. With Conor’s unpredictable fighting style and punching power, it’s pretty likely that this will be the case.

All McGregor needs to do is to just wait for the right timing, do a series of connecting jabs and uppercuts, and strike Floyd’s head (or face) with full force. It’s all about quality over quantity with this technique.

Having a Mix of MMA-Style “Dirty Play”

Another stratagem McGregor might resort to is to incorporate his MMA fighting style into boxing. Though obviously this isn’t allowed as the two are going to fight under boxing rules, things might have a turn of events depending on the referee and officials.
It’s worth noting that Mayweather’s fight against Marcos Maidana was one of his toughest battles. It’s because the Argentine boxer resorted to doing “dirty tricks” by clinging, hugging, grabbing, and keeping things tight – much like Floyd’s tactics.

And Conor might just follow that same path, knowing that his natural tendencies to exhibit MMA-style moves might suddenly come out. If it does, then hell would certainly break loose on Floyd Jr. But take note that it still depends on the tolerance of the referee and judges.
If they’re a bit good with it or if the referee is not too quick in separating the two’s possible clinches, then it’ll surely serve Conor well.

Mental Warfare

This is where Conor McGregor is great at. And for most pundits, it’s his only advantage in this fight. Conor is a great trashtalker, and whatever curses or insults Floyd throws at him, it’s pretty clear that he’s got a witty response that’ll surely destroy the American.
And this is what just Conor might do when they’re in the ring. We all know how he taunted Jose Aldo and Nate Diaz that led to him pissing them off.

If Conor throws verbal insults, taunts, or a bunch of antics on Floyd while they’re fighting, and match it with a series of punches to Floyd’s jaw and a couple of evading motions, there’s no doubt that Mayweather will lose his bearings and will become vulnerable to the Irishman’s destructive prowess.

Mayweather vs. McGregor Betting Odds

The current betting odds on the upcoming Mayweather vs. McGregor fight is one of the widest in margins ever recorded. McGregor is a big underdog in this matchup, having +400 odds, while Mayweather gets -600.
Surprising? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that this started at -2250 and +950 with Conor as the underdog. A -140 is placed on Mayweather and +500 on McGregor for the winner by KO or TKO. The Irishman remains the underdog in the winner by decision betting with +200 and +1000.

You can check out the latest betting odds here: freebets.co.uk/mayweather-mcgregor-betting/

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