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The UFC returns to PPV this weekend, live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. While UFC 216 is topped by an Interim Lightweight Title clash between Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee, many other fighters are still trying to make an impact with fans. With uniforms in place, it’s now harder than ever for those athletes to make a lasting impression. One of the few ways left to do so is with walkout music. However, many fighters pick samey-sounding songs, overused songs, or songs that don’t fit their personal brand. That’s where I come in. As MMASucka.com’s resident musicologist, I’m here to help these wayward fighters find better entrance music. So, without further ado, here… We… Go!

Tom Duquesnoy

What he last walked out to: “Remember My Name” – Maina

What he should walk out to next: “Fire” – Jimi Hendrix

When Tom “Fire Kid” Duquesnoy walks to the cage for his bout with Cody Stamman, it should be to something a little more memorable. It should be to something a little more “on-brand.” While “Remember My Name” is a perfectly servicable track from Maina, it doesn’t fit in with the explosive Frenchman’s in-cage violence. It’s mid-tempo, rather meh, and doesn’t connect with Duquesnoy’s nickname in any way. A song that would fit better, in my opinion is the classic Jimi Hendrix song, “Fire.” The funky, up-tempo “Fire” would definitely help set young bantamweight apart from the herd. Listen below.

Evan Dunham

What he last walked out to: “Dead Wrong” – Notorious B.I.G. feat. Eminem

What he should walk out to next:

Evan Dunham is a first for me here at The Walkout Consultant. Never before I have put somebody into one of these pieces for the lyrical content of their walkout song, but here we are. If he wants to listen to it on his own time, that’s fine. More power to him. But how the UFC green-lighted a song with lyrics boasting about raping someone’s family as a means of vengeance/intimidation, and even stabbing someone for having a homosexual attraction… I don’t get it. Look, if you need to make your way to the cage to a song that gives you murderous intent, fine. I know plenty of those. I listen to death metal, after all. I’ll give Dunham one that keeps the killing, but nixes the specific violence against women and gays. I usually try avoid straight-up brutal death metal for these pieces, but in this case it’s still a far sight better than “Dead Wrong.” Cannibal Corpse‘s “Kill or Become,” a gore-soaked stomper about fighting back in the face of a zombie apocalypse. Listen below.

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