UFC 217 Odds and Ends

TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 13: Georges St-Pierre reacts as Michael Bisping speaks to the media during the UFC 217 press conference at the Hockey Hall of Fame on October 13, 2017 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Georges St-Pierre is arguably the most popular mixed martial artist to grace the Octagon from the great white north. After a near four-year hiatus from the cage, GSP will return at UFC 217 against UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping. Our friends at Bodog have given some serious UFC 217 odds and ends for the bout.

UFC 217 Odds and Ends for Bisping vs. St-Pierre

If you are a betting man or woman, then the list below will definitely have you scratching your head. Where will you place your money?

“In Canada there is no bigger name than GSP in the MMA world and it is only good for business that he decided to come back. He opened as -150 favorite back in September but aside from big GSP fans in Canada, the public action seems to be going towards Bisping. Truthfully, I would not be worried if we needed GSP… at the end of the day for the book, it’s a position we would like to be in.”

Adam Burns, SportsBook Manager, Bodog.ca

Georges St-Pierre vs Michael Bisping

Georges St-Pierre          -130      (10/13)

Michael Bisping             EVEN   (1/1)


Method of Victory Props

Method of Victory – 5 Rounds

Georges St-Pierre wins inside distance               10/3

Georges St-Pierre wins by 5 round decision        33/20

Michael Bisping wins inside distance                  5/2

Michael Bisping wins by 5 round decision           12/5

Draw                                                                 65/1


Method of Victory

Georges St-Pierre wins by decision or technical decision            33/20

Georges St-Pierre wins by KO, TKO or DQ                                 6/1

Georges St-Pierre wins by submission                                       6/1

Michael Bisping wins by decision or technical decision               12/5

Michael Bisping wins by KO, TKO or DQ                                    5/2

Michael Bisping wins by submission                                          18/1

Draw or Technical draw                                                              65/1


Rounds Props

Will the fight go the distance?

Yes                  -160     (5/8)

No                    +115     (23/20)


Total Rounds

Over     4.5 Rounds       -155     (20/31)

Under   4.5 Rounds       +110     (11/10)


Round Betting – 5 Rounds

Georges St-Pierre in Round 1                 19/2

Georges St-Pierre in Round 2                 11/1

Georges St-Pierre in Round 3                 15/1

Georges St-Pierre in Round 4                 22/1

Georges St-Pierre in Round 5                 28/1

Georges St-Pierre on points                   33/20

Michael Bisping in Round 1                    8/1

Michael Bisping in Round 2                    19/2

Michael Bisping in Round 3                    11/1

Michael Bisping in Round 4                    15/1

Michael Bisping in Round 5                    20/1

Michael Bisping on points                      12/5

Draw                                                     65/1


Fight to complete 1 full round

Yes                   -850     (2/17)

No                    +425     (17/4)


Fight to complete 2 full rounds

Yes                   -375     (4/15)

No                    +240     (12/5)


Fight to complete 3 full rounds

Yes                   -240     (5/12)

No                    +165     (33/20)


Fight to complete 4 full rounds

Yes                   -190     (10/19)


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