Angela Magana storm before the battle

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Angela”YOUR MAJESTY” Magana is set to fight Amanda “ABC” Cooper on December 2nd at UFC 218. Both fighters are coming off of tough losses, Angela losing to Michelle Waterson and Amanda losing to Cynthia Calvillo. So we know both fighters will not be going down with out a great fight. Both fighters are known to be finishers when they are on the winning side of the fight night.

Angela Magana storm before the battle

But before Magana’s fight on the December 2nd she had another fight to overcome. On September 20th hurricane Maria made land fall on Puerto Rico where Magana currently lives. Puerto Rico was devastated by hurricane Maria leaving millions with our power even still to this day. Water, food and fuel rations have come by the bare minimum to those who can get access to it. When I spoke to Angela she said that even without power in most buildings she trains on the beach daily like the Old School days and she said “my gym was ruined so I have to train on the beach and running the tracks on the streets and then wherever I can” she also told me that “I train every morning 3 to 5 hours and then I work on everything I can do for the community.” I asked Angela how she even has access to a phone or internet and she said “I Got to sit in my car and charge my phone while I’m using it that’s the only way I can get service is to sit in my car we’ve lost over two-thirds of the towers show’s you have to be at the right place luckily I’m in a good spot right now.” She will be traveling back stateside to train for her friend and training partner Bec Rawlings.

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Angela has been a strong advocate via social media to get help for Puerto Rico. She has shown images via twitter what the conditions are out there. Currently Angela has a GoFundMe setup to organize any funds possible to help out the community of Puerto Rico. Below you will see the link to her GoFundMe page and hopefully you can take a moment to donate to her cause and forward the page on to your friends and family to help up the people of Puerto Rico.You can support Angela and her community by visiting her go fund me listed below.

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