The Walkout Consultant: UFC 218

UFC 218 Walkout Songs

The second part of a UFC doubleheader this weekend, UFC 218 goes down live at the Little Ceasar’s Arena in Chicago, MI. While headliners Max Holloway and Jose Aldo can be recognized instantaneously thanks to their walkout music, many other fighters don’t have that. They walk out to music that doesn’t fit their vibe, is over-used, or is just plain bad. It hurts their chances of standing out in the crowded roster. That’s where I come in. As’s resident musicologist, I can help. Putting my knowledge to work, I can help these wayward fighters find more unique songs. Songs that would help them make an impact with fans. I’m even sharing these suggestions with you, the fans. So, without further ado, here… We… Go!

Tecia Torres

What she last walked out to: “Dreamer” – Charlie XCX

What she should walk out to next: “Monster” – Datsik and 1000 Volts, feat. Redman and Jayceeoh

I don’t know what it is about fighters and the current crop of slow, low-energy pop and hip-hop. Tecia Torres‘ last walk out song, “Dreamer” by Charlie XCX, is really more of the same. Different voices singing the same song, and it doesn’t fit for a high-energy volume strikers like “The Tiny Tornado.” You can have electronic, bass-oriented music that still has energy and dynamics. A great example of that is the collaboration between Datsik and 1000 Volts, featuring Redman and Jayceeoh, “Monster.” It even starts off with a declaration of aggression. It’s perfect for a fighter, especially one with the striking acumen of Torres. Check it out below.

Drakkar Klose

What he last walked out to: “Congratulations” – Post Malone feat. Quavo

What he should walk out to next: “SEE THROUGH – MIXED” – Siijhah

Let’s face it, Post Malone is not an artist befitting as intimidating a prospect as Drakkar Klose. The undefeated lightweight has an air of menace, while Post Malone has an air of qualuudes. Seriously, how is that supposed to get you ready to fight? I’ve got no clue. So, I’ll bring something different to the table. Last week, I took issue on Twitter about how it sounds like there’s only three producers making modern hip-hop. In response, a young gun by the name of Siijhah stepped up to the plate to say, “Hey! I’ve got something!” You know what? He was right. He did have something. He had an instrumental track that’s perfect for a guy like Klose. Featuring dark, chilling piano over a vicious beat, “SEE THROUGH – MIXED” is the track for a striker who will walk you down and put the fear in your heart. Listen below.

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