Anthony Hernandez: Get in, Get out, Get Paid is my Motto

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On December 6th of this year, feeder league Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA) announced the signing of top middleweight prospect Anthony Hernandez. We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with LFA’s latest addition.

Anthony Hernandez: Get in, Get out, Get Paid is my Motto

MMASucka: First of all, how did you get into MMA? Do you have any background in any other sports?

Hernandez: I grew up in the country and didn’t have shit to do. Me and my buddies would get bored and do pride rules in the front yard. My cousin went to a gym and told me I had to come try it so I did and fell in love with the competition. I wrestled for like a month or two got kicked off for grades.

MMASucka: Is MMA your full-time job? If not, what other work are you doing

Hernandez: Yeah MMA is my full-time job. But I do side jobs for money as well.

MMASucka: How did you get the nickname “Fluffy”?

Hernandez: I used to be fat so the name Fluffy stuck lol.

MMASucka: What is your favorite striking technique and grappling technique

Hernandez: I don’t really and a favorite technique I like to adapt on the spot.

MMASucka: You are 5-0 with all first-round finishes, is that your strategy to go out and finish the guys as soon as possible or does it all just happen that way?

Hernandez: Get in get out get paid is my motto.

MMASucka: You train out of an excellent camp in MMA Gold Fight Team, who are some of your main training partners?

Hernandez: I train with everyone honestly. You can learn something from everyone.

MMASucka: You’re set to fight Brendan Allen for the Middleweight title? What do you think about Allen and how do you think you match up against him?

Hernandez: Allen is a stud for sure but it’s just another fight and another man trying to stop my dreams.

MMASucka: The UFC signed three Middleweight champions in 2017, any pressure that if you can win this fight you have a solid chance getting signed to the UFC?

Hernandez: No pressure at all, I have always expected this to happen I have lived this in my dreams a million times now it’s just making it happen.

MMASucka: You have fought in the US your whole career, do you have any desire to fight out of the country, if so, where?

Hernandez:  I’m all about traveling, I’m down to fight anywhere.

MMASucka: Last question, where do you see yourself in three years?

Hernandez:  I see myself with the UFC title.

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