Fighters Offer to Welcome Floyd Mayweather to UFC

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The MMA world was going bananas on Wednesday morning, as UFC President Dana White said there is very real talk between the promotion and Floyd Mayweather. There were plenty of offers to welcome Floyd Mayweather to UFC.

“We’re talking to Floyd about doing a UFC deal,” White told ESPN.com. “It’s real. He was talking about (boxing) Conor McGregor. Was that real? Have you heard Floyd talk about many things that aren’t real? He usually tips his hand when he’s in the media, and then that (expletive) ends up happening.

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“We’re interested in doing something with Floyd. Everything is a realistic possibility. Mayweather vs. McGregor (expletive) happened. Anything is possible.”

This came after Mayweather teased the possible transition in Periscope video,

“I can come right back,” he said. “If I want to, I can come right back to the UFC. I can go fight in the octagon – I can go and do a three- or four-fight deal in the octagon and make $1 billion.”

When UFC fighters found out about the boxing legend wanting to transition over to the cage, they were ready and willing to be the first to welcome him.

Fighters offer to welcome Floyd Mayweather to UFC

Others stated their opinions on Twitter as well and there were mixed reviews.

We saw Conor McGregor make the move to the squared circle, so is it a possibility for Mayweather to make the opposite move?
Well our friends at Bodog came out with initial odds, not on if Mayweather would win, but if he would even make the trek into the Octagon in 2018. If you were a betting man, then the money might be right, as he was a +500 to step inside the cage and -900 not to.

You can never say never when it comes to what will happen within the UFC.

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