ROAD Fighting Championship announces the remaining matches for ROAD FC 046



Opening up Part 2 with a bantamweight flash grenade, Alatengheili (10-7-1, Team Alt) is fully recovered and back to face standout Jang Ik-Hwan (6-1, Team Posse).

On Part 1, China’s surging superheavy Ma Anding (14-2, Baoligao MMA) will face Japan’s super-experienced Hamada Junpei (10-18-1-1, Makoto Gym).

Featherweights rising to recognition Park Hae-Jin (5-1, Ssen Gym) and Cho Byeong-Oak (4-3, Team MOB) will seek to climb up the division’s rankings.

Huang Zhenyue (9-4, Guangdong Glory Fight Club) versus Min Kyeong-Chul (4-2, Team Poma) promises to be a showdown of thrilling proportions.

New prospects Lim Dong-Hwan (2-0, Team Strong Wolf) and Kim Hyeon-Min (1-0-0-1, Ssabi MMA) will add to the excitement of the developing welterweight division.

Crying Fist vs Fearless Guys

In the battle of the reality TV stars, three former “Crying Fist” graduates will take on their counterparts from the new “Fearless Guys” show on MBC.

In a catchweight match, Taekwondo master Hong Young-Ki (3-4, Team Korea MMA) will face aggressive kickboxer Eom Tae-Woong (debut, Octagon Gym). Park Hyung-Geun (2-3-1, Ssabi MMA) will welcome Moon Jin-Hyuk (debut, Apgujeong Gym) to the ROAD FC cage at bantamweight. At open weight, “Yakuza” Kim Jae-Hun (0-2, Team Korea MMA) will belly up to kickboxer Heo Jae-Hyeok (debut, IB Gym).

Xiaomi ROAD FC 046

Openweight Championship

The main event will be Openweight Champion Mighty Mo defending his belt against former tournament adversary Myung Hyun-Man. Myung is Mo’s only adversary to make it into the third round with him in the last 4 years. Fans can surely expect a war!

$1 Million Lightweight Tournament Semifinals

The four fighters in the semifinals for the $1 Million Tournament represent the best lightweights from across the globe. They are all ranked at the top in their country and have held titles in highly respected promotions such as M-1, Shooto Brazil, and BAMMA. All have fought at least four matches to get to this point and combined, they’ve accrued a tally of 126 professional MMA fights.

Ronys Torres versus Shamil Zavurov is a contrast in grappling styles between the best lightweights from Brazil and Russia in this semifinals match. Torres likes to show off his superb technique to get the finish, while Zavurov is willing to grind his opponents down round after round.

Shimoishi Kota versus Mansour Barnaoui will two very different approaches to showcase their power, timing, and technique in their semifinals match. Shimoishi quickly engages to get the fight to the ground, while Barnaoui looks for the opening to finish in any position, standing or grappling.

Xiaomi ROAD Fighting Championship 046

March 10, 2018

Jangchung Arena

Seoul, South Korea

  • PART 2
  • Mighty Mo vs Myung Hyun-Man
  • Ronys Torres vs Shamil Zavurov
  • Shimoishi Kota vs Mansour Barnaoui
  • Kim Se-Yeong vs Lee Jeong-Yeong
  • Hong Young-Ki vs Eom Tae-Woong
  • Park Hyung-Geun vs Moon Jin-Hyuk
  • Kim Jae-Hun vs Heo Jae-Hyeok
  • Alatengheili vs Jang Ik-Hwan
  • PART 1
  • Kim Nae-Chul vs Hwang In-Su
  • Ma Anding vs Hamada Junpei
  • Park Hae-Jin vs Cho Byeong-Oak
  • Huang Zhenyue vs Min Kyeong-Chul
  • Lim Dong-Hwan vs Kim Hyeon-Min


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