The TUF 27 TUFtermath: Episode 4

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The TUF 27 TUFtermath

It’s time for episode four of The Ultimate Fighter Season 27! This week, Team Cormier, up 3-0 against Team Miocic, looks to retain control. This episode, they send featherweight Bryce Mitchell will take on Jay Cuccienello. of Team Miocic. Injury heartbreak is set to rear it’s ugly head as well, as Luis “Violent Bob Ross” Pena did not come out of last week’s victory unscathed. So, without further ado, let’s break down the important parts of this week’s episode of TUF 27!

The Big Three

#1) Loss Snatched From the Jaws of VictoryAfter his victory in last week’s episode, Luis Pena returned home limping. Within a couple of days, Pena finally went to get his foot checked out, and the tentative diagnosis was not good. “Violent Bob Ross” was told that he would need x-rays to check for a fracture in his foot, news which left Pena distraught. Sadly, his worst fears were confirmed. With a recovery time of up to six weeks, the injury ended Luis’ time on the show.

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#2) Coach Cain – This week’s episode may well be the most many people have seen Cain Velasquez speak. With Daniel Cormier having to excuse himself due to earlier obligations in his hometown, he left former UFC Heavyweight champion, and winning TUF Latin America coach, in charge. It

#3) Soldier vs. Hunter – Joe Cuccienello revealed that he served in the UK military, including combat duty in Afghanistan where he survived, among other things, two roadside bomb attacks. Bryce Mitchell revealed he could make a functional bow and arrows with materials available only at the TUF House. This week definitely paired dangerous men together.

The Stock Report

Stock up  – Bryce Mitchell. All undefeated records are not created equal, and Mitchell proved that. After dominating Joe Cuccienello for two rounds, it’s clear that the quality of competition in continental Europe is not the same as it is in America. That paid dividends for Mitchell and his suffocating ground skills in this fight.

The Fight

There’s not a lot to say about this fight. Bryce Mitchell was able to keep Joe Cuccienllo at distance while on the feet, and utterly dominated him on the ground over the course of two rounds. While Cuccienello was able to survive Mitchell’s onslaught of submission attempts, he wasn’t able to do much else. Mitchell took home the unanimous decision victory, picking up a couple of 20-17 scorecards in doing so.

Next week, Team Miocic’s Mike Trizano locks horns with Team Cormier wild child Thailand Clark in a lightweight bout. Keep it locked to MMASucka.com for the next TUFtermath!

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