MMASucka’s UFC Fight Night 129 staff picks

UFC Fight Night 129 staff picks
SANTIAGO, CHILE - MAY 18: Demian Maia (L) of Brazil and Kamaru Usman of Nigeria face off during during the UFC Fight Night weigh-in at Movistar Arena on May 18, 2018 in Santiago, Chile. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

The UFC is heading to Santiago, Chile, where notorious submission artist Demian Maia, will take on knockout artist, and possibly the most feared man in the UFC, Kamaru Usman. The fight card is co-headlined by Alexa Grasso, who will be looking to climb the rankings with an impressive win over Tatiana Suarez.

MMASucka has developed an annual staff pick challenge. It’s simple – at the end of the year, the Sucka writer with the best record of main card fights will receive a one of a kind prize.

The WINNER of staff picks will have a chance to receive a custom-made championship belt from ProAmBelts following completion of the 2018 calendar year! The 2017 winner was awarded to Wesley Riddle, compiling a record of 118-74 for main card fights. Staff picks compose of both Bellator and UFC fights taken place on the main card.

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Check out our MMASucka main card staff picks for UFC Fight Night 129 below, as well as current records in 2018.

Staff Records after UFC 224 (Nunes vs. Pennington):

1. Michael DeSantis: 71-29
2T. Omar Villagrana: 67-33
2T. Mitchell Banuelos: 67-33
4. Wesley Riddle: 66-34
5. Ryan Wagner: 64-36
6. Jeremy Brand: 62-38
7. Eddie Gallo: 58-42
8. Jason Burgos: 57-35
9. Mike Skytte: 53-47
10. Jacob Debets: 52-28
11. Nick Godin: 49-27 (missed last three events)
12. Justin Pierrot: 47-42
13. Brian Gerson: 9-1

Vicente Luque (12-6-1) vs. Chad Laprise (14-2)

Jeremy Brand: Luque via UD
Wesley Riddle: Luque via Round 1 TKO
Mike Skytte: Laprise via UD
Nick Godin: Luque via Round 2 TKO
Jason Burgos: Luque via Round 2 TKO
Justin Pierrot: Laprise via UD
Michael DeSantis: Luque via Round 1 Submission
Jacob Debets: Laprise via UD
Ryan Wagner: Luque via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Luque via Round 1 TKO
Eddie Gallo: Luque via UD
Omar Villagrana: Luque via Round 3 TKO
Brian Gerson: Laprise via Round 2 TKO
Suraj Sukumar: Laprise via Round 2 TKO

Staff picking Luque: 7
Staff picking Laprise: 5

Veronica Macedo (5-1-1) vs. Andrea Lee (8-2)

Jeremy Brand: Lee via UD
Wesley Riddle: Lee via Round 3 TKO
Mike Skytte: Lee via Round 2 Submission
Nick Godin: Lee via UD
Jason Burgos: Lee via UD
Justin Pierrot: Lee via Round 3 Submission
Michael DeSantis: Lee via UD
Jacob Debets: Lee via Round 3 Submission
Ryan Wagner: Lee via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Lee via Round 2 Submission
Eddie Gallo: Lee via Round 2 Submission
Omar Villagrana: Lee via Round 1 Submission
Brian Gerson: Lee via UD
Suraj Sukumar: Lee via UD

Staff picking Macedo: 0
Staff picking Lee: 14

Diego Rivas (7-1) vs. Guido Cannetti (7-3)

Jeremy Brand: Rivas via UD
Wesley Riddle: Rivas via UD
Mike Skytte: Rivas via Round 3 TKO
Nick Godin: Rivas via UD
Jason Burgos: Rivas via Round 1 Submission
Justin Pierrot: Rivas via UD
Michael DeSantis: Rivas via Round 1 TKO
Jacob Debets: Rivas via UD
Ryan Wagner: Cannetti via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Rivas via UD
Eddie Gallo: Rivas via Round 1 TKO
Omar Villagrana: Rivas via UD
Brian Gerson: Rivas via UD
Suraj Sukumar: Rivas via UD

Staff picking Rivas: 13
Staff picking Cannetti: 1 

Jared Cannonier (10-3) vs. Dominick Reyes (8-0)

Jeremy Brand: Reyes via Round 1 TKO
Wesley Riddle: Reyes via Round 1 TKO
Mike Skytte: Reyes via UD
Nick Godin: Reyes via Round 2 TKO
Jason Burgos: Reyes via Round 3 TKO
Justin Pierrot: Reyes via Round 2 TKO
Michael DeSantis: Reyes via UD
Jacob Debets: Cannonier via UD
Ryan Wagner: Reyes via Round 2 Submission
Mitchell Banuelos: Cannonier via UD
Eddie Gallo: Cannonier via UD
Omar Villagrana: Reyes via Round 2 TKO
Brian Gerson: Reyes via Round 2 TKO
Suraj Sukumar: Reyes via UD

Staff picking Cannonier: 3
Staff picking Reyes: 11

Alexa Grasso (10-1) vs. Tatiana Suarez (6-0)

Jeremy Brand: Grasso via UD
Wesley Riddle: Suarez via UD
Mike Skytte: Suarez via UD
Nick Godin: Grasso via UD
Jason Burgos: Suarez via SD
Justin Pierrot: Suarez via Round 3 Submission
Michael DeSantis: Suarez via UD
Jacob Debets: Grasso via UD
Ryan Wagner: Suarez via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Grasso via UD
Eddie Gallo: Grasso via UD
Omar Villagrana: Grasso via UD
Brian Gerson: Suarez via UD
Suraj Sukumar: Grasso via UD

Staff picking Grasso: 7
Staff picking Suarez: 7

Demian Maia (25-8) vs. Kamaru Usman (11-1)

Jeremy Brand: Usman via Round 3 TKO
Wesley Riddle: Usman via Round 4 TKO
Mike Skytte: Maia via Round 1 Submission
Nick Godin: Usman via Round 1 TKO
Jason Burgos: Usman via Round 2 TKO
Justin Pierrot: Usman via Round 3 TKO
Michael DeSantis: Usman via UD
Jacob Debets: Usman via Round 4 TKO
Ryan Wagner: Usman via Round 3 TKO
Mitchell Banuelos: Usman via Round 2 TKO
Eddie Gallo: Usman via Round 3 TKO
Omar Villagrana: Maia via Round 2 Submission
Brian Gerson: Usman via UD
Suraj Sukumar: Usman via Round 4 TKO

Staff picking Maia: 2
Staff picking Usman: 12


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