Frank Shamrock on Dana White “I watched him beat up a woman and then celebrate.”

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MMA pioneer and former UFC champion Frank Shamrock has just made major allegations against UFC President Dana White.

“@danawhite doesn’t care. I watched him beat up a woman and then celebrate. He is racist, liar, a bully and generally a badperson.”

Allegations of this nature will require substantiation and evidence, but it is certainly noteworthy coming from a figure in the sport such as Shamrock. Historically, the two have not been on good terms.

Journalists put pressure on Dana White

The tweet in question came in response to MMA Twitter darling Suzanne Davis. Much was made of the UFC’s decision to include former NFL athlete Greg Hardy on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. There have been previous allegations of domestic violence against Hardy.

A survivor of abuse herself, Davis made the case for Hardy’s removal from the show.

Many fans and media members hold the UFC to a standard as the sport’s largest promotion. They are in a position where they can pick and choose which athletes to employ, even when there is potential for a large fan following.

Hardy would tell you he is a changed man. The former Dallas Cowboy is on record as to how he hit rock bottom after his legal trouble and the end of his football career. He says MMA taught him humility and gave him a new perspective on his own life and the lives of others.

Some may see this opportunity as a now alleged abuser supporting another alleged abuser. Others will argue everyone deserves a second chance.

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