A Lawyer’s Perspective on Conor McGregor’s Court Hearing

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This Thursday, former UFC champion Conor McGregor will head to Kings County Criminal Court in Brooklyn, New York. He will appear in court for his actions at the UFC 223 media day in Brooklyn, New York.

In April, McGregor made a surprise appearance at the UFC 223 media day, and to put it lightly, all hell broke loose – as it usually does when ‘The Notorious’ arrives.

McGregor and his team of thugs, including Artem Lobov, were reportedly let-in to Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York after a group of TheMacLife staff, who were credentialed media, offered access to the arena. McGregor and his thugs were seen in various videos throwing trash cans, barricades, and chairs.

Will Conor McGregor go to jail?

Brooklyn-based lawyer and host of The Fight Lawyer Podcast Dmitriy Shakhnevich gave some insight on the hearing which goes down on Thursday.

“On Thursday, Conor is appearing in Court to see if he was indicted. In every felony case in NY, the case must be indicted before the DA can proceed to trial. There is a prescribed time limit by which the DA must indict. The Court appearance on Thursday is designed to see if Conor has been indicted. An indictment is when a Grand Jury is empaneled to determine whether there is “reasonable cause,” to find that the defendant committed the crimes charged.

If the DA tries to indict but fails, then the case is over. However, that is incredibly rare. It virtually never happens. There are several reasons for that: (a) only the DA puts on a case, not the defendant; and (b) the standard to indict, again, is “reasonable cause,” which is a very low standard and obviously, much lower than the “beyond a reasonable doubt,” standard required to convict a defendant at trial.

So the Grand Jury will typically indict and return a “true bill,” then the case will be put over for disclosure of evidence, hearings and ultimately, trial. Of course, a plea deal can also be reached at any time during the case, including on Thursday. Every celebrity goes through this process, as does every other criminal defendant in NY. In cases where there is a lengthy investigation, sometimes a defendant is indicted before he is arrested, as with Harvey Weinstein. But that is not the case here.”

There will likely be a live stream of the court hearing. Make sure you keep it locked to MMASucka.com for more on McGregor’s court appearance as it arises.

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