Alex Ortiz Discusses Professional Debut at Premier FC 26

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Alex Ortiz spoke with MMASucka directly after his victory at this month’s Premier FC 26.

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Alex Ortiz Discusses Professional Debut at Premier FC 26

Ortiz made his professional debut at PFC 26. He is a promotional veteran, having fought for the PFC organization four times as an amateur and now once as a pro. Through his career with the organization, Ortiz remains undefeated. He has also fought for the Cage Titans promotion.

Overall, as an amateur, he earned a record of 5-2. He has two finishes in his amateur career, one by KO/TKO and the other by submission.

Premier FC 26

It took little time for Ortiz to establish himself in the cage. His opponent, Mike Taylor, immediately rushed forward following the opening bell. It wasn’t before long that the two ended up on the mat. Ortiz landed in top position as he ultimately took his opponent to the ground. From there, he viciously ground and pounded his way to a 29 second TKO victory.

“It did play out exactly how I saw it in my mind. I figured there might be an exchange in the beginning. I figured, I’d probably set my range off and once I was able to hit him with a combo or two, I’d probably run in with the clinch… it played out basically to that”.

Impressive Performances

PFC 26 was riddled with quick stoppages and impressive performances. Of those, Ortiz shined among the brightest of a night which featured potential young stars. Billy Goff, Yu Ji, and Hannah Goldy all also impressed alongside Ortiz.

An additional factor which made his performance stand out among the others was the context of this victory. Ortiz was a staple for Premier FC organization as an amateur. Yet, his previous fight took place over a year ago at PFC 21.

Bringing a Child to the World

In talking with Ortiz after the fight, he revealed an incredible reason for his absence from the fighting scene. During the time of his final fight, his wife and he were in the process of having a child. It occurred to Ortiz that fighting under these circumstances was less than ideal for his wife and future child. Instead of put stress on the already inevitably tense situation, he took time off.

“We were expecting our first child and we were struggling with it for a while. When it happened, I felt like I needed to focus on it and dedicate the time. Make sure that everything went smooth. I didn’t want to overstress my wife with taking fights on or going through a camp and then having her deal with everything on her own. I took the time off necessary to make sure my son came into this world in a good way. Once he was settled down, I figured once he’s good I could get back to fighting”.

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