Connor Barry talks Cage Titans 39 Victory

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Connor Barry spoke with MMASucka following his impressive victory in the main event of Cage Titans 39.

Connor Barry talks Cage Titans 39 Victory

Last Saturday, Barry made one of two final walks from locker-room to cage when he faced Cage Titans veteran, Peter Barrett. It took the Redline Fight Sports student half of the opening round to catch Barrett in an armbar submission. The finish came at the end of an incredible sequence of transitions from Barry’s back.

Impressive Submission Set up

At range, Barry used his length effectively. Both landed in the opening two minutes of the bout but Barry found his target more frequently. The two began work on the ground after Barrett fired a spinning back elbow. His strike partially landed. At the same time, it exposed his back to Barry. The Redline fighter closed the gap off the spin and grabbed ahold of his opponents back. As Barry pressed forward the two fell to the mat and a small scramble ensued.

Barry immediately attempted to set his hooks. At this moment, Barrett adjusted his posture and positioning, in turn moving Barry from on top to his back. As this happened, he found himself in a different position. Barrett postured up, in an attempt to line up and throw elbows. Continuing to move, Barry utilized the rubber guard to break down the posture of his opponent. Barrett attempted to reestablish posture in order to slip out of mission control and stand up.

The hips and lower half of Barrett stood but his upper body remained trapped inside the rubber guard. From here he threw strikes off his back. He then brought Barrett into a dead orchard by sliding his left leg out from the butterfly and locking the figure four.

As Barry himself explained, his opponent left his arm out while trapped inside the dead orchard. He then grabbed the left knee pit of Barrett as he began to control and isolate the right arm. The fight ended seconds later as Barry repositioned his legs and pulled on the straight armbar to earn the first round finish.

The force in the submission was so great that Barry snapped his Diamond cup.

Barry’s Next Move

With his impressive submission victory, a bright future is upon the horizon for Connor Barry. With a record of 5-2, he aims for a shot at the UFC. He believes the victory keeps him an arms distance length from an opportunity. The Boston fighter spoke about this and what he believes is next.

In the immediate sense, he desires a spot on the upcoming August 18th event, Cage Titans 40. The event takes place in the beloved venue of Plymouth Memorial Hall in the original home of the Pilgrims, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Fan-favorite, Chris O’Brien returns to action as he defends his amateur lightweight title for the first time against Matt Bienia. Bienia is the current Reality Fighting amateur lightweight champion. Also set for the summer ending event, Johnny Campbell defends his professional bantamweight title for the first time against Jay Perrin.

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