Combat sports gaming: what’s next?

Combat sports have been popular for decades – and with good reason. From the drama of the fight to the glamour of the wider contests, people all over the world can’t get enough of mixed martial arts and all its related sports. However, you don’t have to participate or spectate in real life in order to enjoy the fun of combat sports. There are a whole host of online games that allow you to participate! This blog post will explore what’s on the horizon for combat sports gaming – and how you can make the most of the many technological developments that this field will soon offer.

On the consoles

The most obvious way to enjoy a combat sports-themed game is to get on the console and enjoy some traditional video gaming. UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) console games are very popular: EA Sports’ UFC 3, for example, was released in February of this year, and it can be played on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The date of the next release in the UFC franchise hasn’t been set yet, but usually, there’s a new release once every two years – so 2020 is a date to watch out for.

Do it yourself

If you fancy enjoying a bit of exercise yourself, then you can get hold of an “exergaming” console, which will allow you to play a virtual game while also getting in a combat sports-themed workout. There are plenty of combat sports-themed exergames available, such as Kung Fu for Kinect, and advances in console technology are likely to provide even better workout experiences soon. When virtual reality becomes a big deal for the exergaming world, for example, the simulation of a fight will only become more vivid.

Casino games

Just as sports channels now screen all sorts of sports to satisfy every taste, the world of online casino gaming has caught up. These days, fans of combat sports can even gamble in themed virtual casinos structured around all sorts of different MMA features. There’s an online casino for all sorts of sports, and UFC is particularly popular again when it comes to casino games like Bruce Lee slot. Looking to the future, the increased popularity of the online gaming sector (its value is expected to rise to almost $60bn by 2020, for example) means that the range of combat sport-themed casino game choice is only likely to expand.

Those who can’t get enough of their combat games are proud of their sport – and what better way is there to make the most of being a combat games fan than to invest in one of the many MMA, UFC or similar-themed games available on the market? Whether you go for casino games or console games, there’s a lot to pick from. There’s a great deal to look forward to in this space in the future: top franchises release new games once every couple of years, while the rise in online gambling means that there’s only going to be more and more online combat-themed casino game choice in the future.


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