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ROAD FC 049: In Paradise – Weigh-In Results

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ROAD Fighting Championship returns on August 18, 2018. The show – ROAD FC 049: In Paradise – takes place at the beautiful Vista Walkerhill Resort in Seoul, South Korea.

The main event is a middleweight match-up between former champion Eun Soo Lee and Tatsuya Mizuno. With six fights total, all twelve fighters have made weight and are a go.

ROAD FC 049: In Paradise – Weigh-In Results

Former ROAD FC Middleweight Champion, Eun Soo Lee finally makes his long-awaited return to the cage after two years away due to injury. He is known for his ultra aggressive striking. Lee faces Tatsuya Mizuno, the current DEEP Middleweight Champion. He is known for his stellar judo, tenacity, and heart

Eun Soo Lee stated:

“I am finally back after two years, and I am very honored to be able to fight a DEEP Champion. Tomorrow, I will work hard.”

Tatsuya Mizuno stated:

“I am the DEEP Middleweight Champion, and I prepared a lot for this fight. Tomorrow I will show the world a good fight, I will show them pride, and I will represent as DEEP Champion.”

Also, the “Busan Heavy Tank,” Mu Bae Choi returns to action to face China’s up-and-coming star Anding Ma in a should-be openweight slugfest.

Mu Bae Choi stated:

“It has been fifteen years since I first started fighting, and MMA has since improved a lot with so many changes. I’ve been working hard for the past year to show you guys a new look this time. I hope that the results will show well in this match. I am older, but I am going to continue. This is not the end.”

Anding Ma stated:

“I am honored to fight for ROAD FC. I’ll show the promotion and fans what I can do in the cage tomorrow.”

The Japanese legend, Kazuyuki Fujita returns to the ROAD FC cage to face America’s Justin Morton in another openweight bout. This will be a hardened veteran vs. a surging local champion.

Kazuyuki Fujita stated:

“I will just keep challenging myself and utilizing my past fighting experience. I will do what I always do and show a good game tomorrow.”

Justin Morton stated:

“When I was eleven-years-old, I watched Fujita compete in PRIDE, and now I am about to fight him. I am honored to come to ROAD FC, and I am honored to fight him. But, I’m not here to be nice. I will knock him out tomorrow – by any means necessary.”

At women’s strawweight, China’s Ming Shi faces Japan’s Harada Shiho.

Ming Shi stated:

“I am young, but I have good technique. I will show this tomorrow, just stay tuned.

Harada Shiho stated:

“My opponent is like a little sister who is six years younger than me. I received help from many people and I did my best to prepare for this.”

At bantamweight, Russia’s Evgeniy Ryazanov faces undefeated South Korean Hae Jin Park.

Evgeniy Ryazanov stated:

“I feel really good now, and I prepared a lot for this because this is my second chance in ROAD FC. I will showcase a good fight and a winning performance.”

Hae Jin Park stated:

“I have never had a submission win in my career, but this might be that time. I will finish my opponent and change his nickname from ‘Bad Boy’ to ‘Bed Boy.'”

Finally, at lightweight, China’s Zhenyue Huang faces Thailand’s Thirayut Khaorat in a striker vs. striker affair.

Zhenyue Huang stated:

“I am so honored to participate in ROAD FC. Tomorrow I will show my opponent what Chinese Kung Fu is like, with a KO.”

Thirayut Kharat stated:

“Well, I will have fun tomorrow.”

ROAD FC 049: In Paradise
Weigh-In Results

Middleweight Bout – 84kg
Eun Soo Lee (84.5kg)
Tatsuya Mizuno (84kg)

Openweight Bout
Mu Choi Bae (110.4kg)
Anding Ma (113.5kg)

Openweight Bout
Kazuyuki Fujita (116.3kg)
Justin Morton (103.3kg)

Strawweight Bout – 52kg
Ming Shi (52.2kg)
Harada Shiho (52.1kg)

Featherweight Bout – 65.5kg
Evgeniy Ryazanov (65.8kg)
Hae Jin Park (65.9kg)

Lightweight Bout – 70kg
Zhenyue Huang (70.5kg)
Thirayut Khaorat (70.5kg)

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