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Jay Perrin talks Cage Titans 40 Title Victory

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Exclusive Post-Fight Interview: Jay Perrin

Deep inside the walls of Plymouth Memorial Hall in the historic town of Plymouth, MA, 15 bouts and five title fights graced fans of the New England mixed martial arts. Cage Titans 40 brought an exciting night of action featuring a main event pitting then-bantamweight champion, Johnny Campbell against the top-ranked contender, Jay Perrin.

Quick Fight Breakdown

In what was the event’s ‘Fight of the Night,’ Campbell and Perrin exchanged in an extraordinarily technical battle over the course of five rounds. Perrin used the clinch to work the body and control, Campbell landed short inside shots whilst in the clinch. The bout proved to be much closer than the scorecards illustrate. Ultimately, Jay Perrin of Sityodtong Boston took the unanimous decision to become the new Cage Titans bantamweight champion.

Exclusive Post-Fight Interview

Following his victory, Perrin spoke with MMASucka in an exclusive post-fight interview. The fighter was understandably emotional upon recalling the entire experience which culminated in his main event victory. He explained that the name on the front of the strap couldn’t matter less to him, a world title was a significant accomplishment no matter the circumstance.

“It means everything, man. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid. So when I got in there, they said my name and all those people were yelling for me I wanted to cry before the fight,” he told MMASucka. “Because, I’m not in the UFC but for a kid like me it was like I did it. I did it now. I’m here, I’m really here. It’s an amazing feeling, I could cry right now because I’ve never had that, so to be a part of such a special event means a lot.”

Respect Between Warriors

The battle between Campbell and Perrin had significant dramatic build up from the day it was announced. Both men exchanged harsh words in interviews and social media. Yet, despite all that, the two have an immense amount of respect for each other. Perrin explained it as so.

“We promoted the fight. We’re entertainers as much as we are fighters. I’ve got nothing but respect for Johnny ‘Cupcakes’ Campbell. He’s been around New England MMA since before I even started. How could I sit here and disrespect somebody wholeheartedly that’s pretty much paved the way for guys that are like me. It’s interesting to watch somebody, this whole time, as you progress and then face off with and be able to beat them. It’s an honor to fight somebody that’s been around for so long.”

For now, the new champion plans to take the entirety of 2018 off. He was very active over the course of 2018, fighting three times over eight months. The champ essentially earned the title shot through his work in 2018, having all three bouts under the Cage Titans banner.

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