Cousin Omar Nurmagomedov’s Fancy Feet

Omar Nurmagomedov
Omar is the most talented striker of the Nurmagomedov's thus far.(@umar_nurmagomedov on Instagram)

The near-mythical Nurmagomedov clan may be known for their ability to #Smesh, but Cousin Omar has a sweet and snappy kicking game all of his own. Check out Omar Nurmagomedov and his graceful striking technique.

Warning: Dagestani folk music ahead

According to Khabib Nurmagomedov, young Omar is a “Russian Muay Thai champion” whose ground game is still coming along.

Check out the full feature: COUSIN OMAR: THE NEXT NURMAGOMEDOV and feast your eyes on GIFs and analysis of his extensive, diverse skill set.

PFL Gains a New Nurmagomedov

Omar makes his North American debut at PFL #7 on Thursday, August 30th on the Facebook Live Prelims. He’ll face off against fellow undefeated bantamweight Saidyokub Kakharamonov.

Illinois-based Kakharamonov has made claims he can out grapple Nurmagomedov, who has predictably been able to dominate skilled opponents on the ground. Supposing that is true, there is still the matter of even getting an opportunity to roll with Omar.

In his professional career, no opponent has been able to ground and hold down the Dagestani prodigy. To make an attempt, he’ll need to close the distance on Nurmagomedov, who is astoundingly fleet-footed.

At range, he’ll be tormented with a tornado of dexterous kicks and accurate boxing. If he must, Omar can get rough in the clinch. There is also the family’s expected choice of weapon, hellish ground and pound.

Just like Khabib, Omar can trap wrists and rain down bricks to end a fight. There is no easy path, and PFL #7 should prove to be a showcase for the immense talent of Omar Nurmagomedov.

Watch Omar Nurmagomedov on the FB Prelims of PFL #7 on Thursday, August 30th


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